An Escort Massage; How To Do One

Massages are possibly the finest aphrodisiac you can ever experience, massage is known for its benefits to our physical and mental health, causing our heart rates to regulate and stresses to subside. With all this in mind, no wonder massage is a fantastic initiator for intimacy, it releases inhibitions, calms down thoughts and stress and releases muscle tension, improving orgasm intensity and chemistry during sexual interaction.

This guide is what a professional masseuse would explain is the best demonstration of a truly relaxing and stimulating massage. Remember, a bad massage is a put-off so this guide will put you in prime position to maintain amazing chemistry with your significant other during a massage.

Woman leans forward being massaged

How to Begin

First, choose your position on the bed, a nude massage is usually preferable, lay your significant other on their front and prop a pillow under their head. Choose your oils, this can be simple baby oil or massage oil, there is a lot of wonderful products and if you fancy yourself an aromatherapist, choose oils which unwind and stimulate simultaneously such as lavender oil or jasmine infused oil. Rub it between your hands to warm them up, the warmer your hands are the more likely the massage will relax the muscles more affectively.


Professionals call the beginning of a massage effleurage, it is designed to warm up the muscles which lead to deeper penetration. This is taken from the Swedish type massage which is an easy massage that cycles between four massage techniques.

To begin, press on the muscles from the lower back all the way up to the shoulders and down the arms and make your way back, pressing softly at first. It is always best to work in strokes that move towards the heart, as this creates the best sensation. Do eight of these, before then concentrating on one side of the body, pressing harder and spending more time on the shoulders, swap each side and press firmly, stroking harder on the shoulders which lead to the neck muscles.

Make a figure of eight across the body placing one hand on top of the other to add some strength, stroke around the shoulders and then move down to the lower back, to relax the muscles more.

Moving On

Now it’s time to concentrate on the more erotic areas of the body. Begin by putting one hand on each shoulder and knead, this is fantastic to release tension that is created on the upper body, which is generated from stress and poor posture. Knead in particular with your thumbs as this stimulates the erogenous zones of the neck and back muscles. Kneading all the way down the body, now you can knead along the lower back with your thumbs and work back, using just your thumbs along the spinal muscles.

Woman leans forward being massaged

Concentrating on the lower back, stroke downwards in a curved shape, you can then move up the sides of the body, relaxing the muscles between the ribs in a soft pinching manoeuvre.


If you’ve ever had a professional massage, you will recognise these strange soft tapping and beating of the body, they work wonders and feel fantastic, causing the tissue to release tension and build-up of tightness. In a chopping motion, gently beat the muscles along the neck, shoulders and spine, careful not to hit the bone as this is painful. You don’t need to do this too hard, softly will create the right effect, as the aim is to touch the right muscles. Repeat the motion five times and watch as your significant other is both stimulated and completely relaxed from the motion.

Gentle Stroking To Finish

Percussion should always lead onto gentle stroking to bring the body back to the peaceful state. This time you can move up and down the back and shoulders again, along the arms and back, pressing a little deeper this time onto the lower back muscles. Move onto the buttocks and thighs, repeating the steps. The buttocks are especially sensitive so use more gentle strokes here. Add more oil if the oil starts to dry up, oil is fantastically sensual and will bring both of you into a more erotic state of mind.

Adding a Little Spice

Spice up your massage by using your forearms along the shoulders and back, this added extra body contact is incredibly sexy and sensual. You can also spice up the massage by asking your significant other to turn over and beginning with massage of the feet, with attention on thumb kneading you can then massage the legs in long strokes that come towards the inner thighs, concentrate on gentle strokes in between them with an open palm, this will heat up any massage and can lead anyway you both want it to!

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