Escorts and Love | Overcoming Your Fear

We hear people talking about how great love is all the time, even how great escorts and love are. And I mean all the time. It’s plastered over social media, seen in every family photograph, clear in every small touch. How special it is to find someone who loves you unconditionally, flaws and all. But for many, this dream is exactly that- a dream. And sometimes, it isn’t a nice one.

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This is because a fear of love stops them from reaching for it, meaning they spend their life wondering just what they’re missing out on. You might wonder why, but the thing is that this fear is a lot more common than you think. In fact, everyone has experienced it at some point- even if they don’t want to admit it. There have been various ways you can use to overcome this fear, but the real, million-dollar question is whether escorts can help.

Why We Fear Love

For many people, the words love and fear don’t belong together. Yet, if you look back through history and literature, you’ll find the two have always been interlinked. The root causes differ for everyone, but the effects are alarmingly similar. Aversion to relationships, destructive behaviour, and intense loneliness are only a few, but we rarely stop to ask why we fear it.

One of the biggest reasons why is that people don’t like feeling vulnerable. If you’ve exposed your mind to someone else, it’s much easier for them to hurt you, the more it aches if they disappear, and the harder it is to maintain your own identity.

Not only this, but a fear of rejection and lack of confidence can also lead to people shutting themselves off from experiencing love. Despite the tantalising highs love can bring to your life, people are always all-too aware that they must be accompanied by these sweeping lows.

Unfortunately, these insecurities only grow if someone has hurt you badly in the past, or if you never learn to deal with it, so it’s a tricky mindset to move on from.

But not impossible.

Rebuilding Your Confidence With Escorts And Love

So how can using an escort service help?

Some would laugh at the idea, but there’s one very important way escorts enable you to overcome your fear of love. That’s both inside the bedroom, and out. You can lie to yourself as much as you like, but your fear of love will also mean you are nervous about sex. This is especially true if you’ve spent years avoiding physical relationships, you’re inexperienced, or if your fantasies were shamed in the past. In any case, rebuilding your confidence is one of the most difficult obstacles you may face in your life. Luckily, it can be easily solved if you have a non-judgemental hand there to help.

Firstly, you need to tackle your confidence issues surrounding sex- something escorts are famed for being great at. Perfecting your technique, embracing your kinks, and learning how to ask for what you want can all be practiced by having regular sex with an expert, such as a service provider like Escort Ireland.

The best thing is that this bedroom confidence almost always translates to real life. There never has been a confidence-building exercise so fun.

Embracing Intimacy

You might be thinking that love isn’t all about sex, and you’d be right. There’s a big difference between fast, unemotional sex and making love, although both are important. It’s about intimacy, which ties the love and sex together in an unbreakable bond. Intimacy is what turns sex into making love, it’s what allows you to form emotional connections with someone else, and it’s what also makes you vulnerable.

This is what scares people away.

Those who hire escorts for sex-only purposes might be stumped as to how they can heal your fear of intimacy, but above all else, an escort provides companionship to their client in whichever way they are comfortable with.

Escort services have a huge range to them. It’s not always raunchy sex. That might mean cuddling for the entire evening, or it might mean talking about their insecurities. It could even be having intimate sex. In any case, these small but important moments are all steps that people can take towards feeling happy with being intimate. And everyone knows that when you’re comfortable with physical intimacy, it’s way easier to be comfortable with emotional intimacy.

What Else Can Help With Escorts And Love?

Now, escorts aren’t the only thing that can help. You might find yourself stuck if you just rely on them for support. Ideally, you’ll combine your visits with some other useful tips, which have all been proven to help people overcome deep-seated fears of love for the long term.

Most of them are to do with mental obstacles you must overcome. It starts by taking a look back at your life, tracing patterns where you notice your fear of love kicks in. Most importantly, figuring out why. When you’re more aware of your actions, you’re way more likely to stop them in their tracks when you see the signs.

Something that will empower you the most is telling your doubts to shut up. It’s natural to have doubts nagging away in your head, but not to the point where they stop you from having some incredible relationships. Every morning, afternoon- or whenever you can- focus on the happiness love brings, rather than the scary parts.

Above all, let yourself feel love. Let yourself be vulnerable, and let yourself be intimate. It might be scary, but that only adds to the thrill you’re about to experience.


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