Escort Ireland at the Fairyhouse Festival

This weekend The Easter Festival took place at Fairyhouse Racecourse, Ireland’s premier horse racing venue.

As supporters of Irish heritage and culture, Escort-Ireland didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be there, showing our delight for those who win big and small amounts of money betting, and letting them know the best way to spend their winnings.

We stayed outside the venue with a billboard that read: ‘Ride Winners Everyday!’ for those who had the luck of the Irish (and those who didn’t) to let them know that at Escort Ireland they can ride a winner whenever they want!

We also gave a preview of our new option for browsing E-I, using a TOR browsing which will give 100% anonymity when looking for your favourite escorts. This is really useful with the new sex buying laws coming in. More on that soon!

The E-I truck also went to visit our friends in Cork, outside Cork Racecourse.

There is no need to thank us, it is our pleasure, and a public service!

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