England Knocked Out of the Euros By Iceland!

So England are out of Euro 2016. Last night, they lost to the mighty Iceland. Yes; a nation that invented the beautiful game went and lost to a nation that has more volcanoes than human beings. No, I haven’t made that up, that is completely true.

England team with poo for heads

Throughout history, the greatest English football disaster has always been the 1950 defeat to a part time USA in Brazil during that years world cup. However, that belonged to a bygone era, and sadly, most who watched it and felt the pain are no longer with us. Therefore, June 27th 2016 will now be known as the biggest football shock that has happened to the national team.

I have no idea whether Irish people find this funny. I am English, I live in England, and I can tell you now, there is a complete mixture here of people getting rather angry, and those who find it pretty goddamn funny. .

In 1950, things were different. Yes, England was a great footballing nation, but these weren’t the superstars of today. Today all these players have more money than some small countries. For them to get turned over by a team where, let’s face it, we really have only ever heard of that Swansea player whose name I am name I’m not going to try and pronounce, is incredible. This victory really was one for the underdog. Therefore, who can begrudge them it?

England football team with

Where Did it Go Wrong?

I could start asking where it went wrong. Did Roy Hodgson, despite having two years of qualifiers against some of the worst teams ever, still not know who his best 11 where and what his best formation was? Or was this more to do with English arrogance (I remember the celebrations when we got Iceland and not Portugal) Who knows, who cares? We were shit!

Yesterday I did an article about both Irish teams maximising what they had; getting the best result possible. However, bar two flukes, England have been garbage for 50 years! Talk about underachieving.

So let’s all get behind Wales now (yes, you can stop being bitter Northern Irish people, we know you got shafted) Can they beat Belgium? Well, they did in the qualifiers. And after last night, who says miracles can’t happen.

Then again, after watching the video above, maybe they can stick that support where the sun don’t shine. It seems that either A) they have Icelandic blood or B) they are anti-English beyond belief.

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