Dumped For Being Rude To A Cat!

When things just aren’t working between you and your partner you feel you have to justify it. They will want closure and, as a decent human being, you want to give them that. You want to let them know what changed in your relationship so that they can move on and try again with someone else.
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However, one Twitter user has become the centre of attention following her friend’s break-up. Her friend sent to her a break-up text message she received from a guy, which the woman then decided to publish on social media to shame him.

Text message

I think we can all agree that breaking up with someone by a text message is one of the worst ways to do it. If you really respect the person you’ve been seeing that much, you will tell them to their face what has changed in the relationship.

So, as payback for one man’s cowardly way of breaking up with her friend, one woman posted his text on social media for all to read. The full text message is below.


Acceptable reasons?

Are these really acceptable reasons to break up with someone? The couple had been together for, reportedly, 7 weeks. 7 weeks is a relatively short amount of time, and yet the man seems frustrated that he hasn’t been included in a social media update or even take him along to a wedding as her partner.

As for how many sexual partners the woman has had, saying that “anything more than [3] is unacceptable” makes me wonder just how many people out there will fit into his ideal. I certainly wouldn’t! Would you?


I honestly don’t think any of these are reasons to break-up with someone. The worst one has to be the “being rude to the cat” one. It honestly comes across as a bit pathetic especially when further investigation reveals that she swore at it because her allergies were playing up. I can understand wanting someone to accept your pets, but if they are allergic that’s different.

Possibly some of the worst break-up reasons I have heard, but there could be far worse out there. What is the worst break-up you’ve had? Can you top the woman dumped by text because of excessive swearing and rudeness to a cat? Tell us in the comments below or on the Escort-Ireland forum.

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