What to Do in Dublin

Being the largest city in all of Ireland (population wise), Dublin is obviously the first place that tourists choose to go when visiting the beautiful country of Ireland. Moreover, this is also the capital city of Ireland. Dublin is one of the most technologically advanced cities in all of Ireland, and over the passage of time has developed in to an extremely beautiful city. Over the past couple of centuries, the Industrial Revolution brought about a number of technological and industrial prowess in the people of Dublin, which led to a number of innovations. At present, Dublin is regarded as one of the top 30 cities in the world.

Despite of its large size, Dublin itself is a lot of fun. Fixed deep in to Irish culture, you will find a number of different pubs every place you visit, while the city itself has a whole host of different activities for people to try. However, it should be known that the weather in Dublin often tends to take a turn for the worse, as it is usually raining in these parts of Ireland. Dublin manages to combine history and culture along with modern industry and education in an excellent manner. So, for people who are taking a trip to Dublin, it is very important to understand the history of the city, so that they can understand the historical significance of Dublin.


History of Dublin

Back in the 9th century, Vikings settled in what is now a part of Dublin. Even though a number of rebellions took place, the Vikings never lost control of Dublin until 1169. The next notable ruler of this city was King Henry II of England. This was the period of time when the county of the Dublin City was set up. This carried forward until 1840, when the Barony of Dublin City was divided from the Barony of Dublin. The famous Castle of Dublin, which was regarded as the main hub of power for the Normans in Ireland, was first created back in 1204, as ordered by King John of England. The city continued to prosper until 1640, when a plague hit and killed more than half of the residents of the city.

However, as the linen and wool trade prospered, so did the city. Numerous districts were created in Dublin as the city began to grow during the 18th century, and various famous buildings that stand today were created in this period of time. One of the historic creations was the Guinness brewery back in 1759, which brought in a lot of economic gain for the city of Dublin.
The physical damages sustained by Dublin in the next two centuries were quite severe; the Irish Independence War, the Easter Rising as well as the Irish Civil War all caused major blows to the city. However, the city has continued to thrive since then, and has become one of the most rapidly growing (economically) cities in the world.

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Tourism in Dublin

Tourism in Dublin is one of the major income generators for its economy. Each year, millions of people from all over the globe visit this country. Dublin has a number of different places for people to visit, with some really fine architectural pieces as well. The Croke Park, home to the local footballing team is a beautiful stadium to visit. The Dublin Zoo is also worth a visit, as it houses some of the rarest animals in the world. The original Guinness Storehouse is also located in Dublin. Moreover, the original Dublin Castle also stands today, after withstanding the test of time and having been repaired numerous times. The iconic Christ Church Cathedral, which is hundreds of years old is also worth a visit.

For people who wish to view the culture of Dublin up close, taking a visit to Phoenix Park is a great idea. The National Leprechaun Museum is also definitely worth visiting, housing a number of different artifacts that have been found in the city throughout the years. Another great stadium here is the Aviva Stadium, which just shows how deeply the people are invested in football.

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