Couple in Domino’s Sex Vid Spared Jail (Video)

A couple who were the ‘stars’ of a video of them having sex over the counter at a Domino’s Pizza which went viral have been spared jail at a sentencing hearing this week.

domino's sex couple

CCTV cameras filmed Daniella Hirst, 29, and Craig Smith, 31, having sex against the counter of the Scarborough shop while they waited for their food in February.

Magistrates told the pair that they were very close to going to jail, but they were instead given community orders, including curfews.

The footage shows Hirst performing oral sex on Smith, before the couple begin having sex against the counter. The video was later uploaded to the internet by a member of staff and was viewed millions of times.

Whilst this was all going on, staff continued to work normally, as if nothing was actually happening.

Last month the pair, from Bridlington, were convicted of outraging public decency at Scarborough Magistrate’s Court. 

“You were both very close to going to prison,” chairman of the bench Charles Davis told the pair.

He said: “It was a brazen offence, committed in a public place over a prolonged period and in the presence of staff.”

The Staff’s Fault

The couple’s solicitor, Scott McLoughlin, told the court the incident happened after the pair had been drinking. He also claimed that if it wasn’t for the staff illegally uploading the video to the internet, it wouldn’t have been seen by so many people. Yes, I think these two idiots may have been at fault for having sex in Domino’s, an outlandish theory I know.

From what I remember, these two annoyed me when all this came out. They seemed to really revel in the fame, talking in the press about other places they could have sex in public. I actually think it would have been funny if they had gone to prison.

I will never understand why people do this kind of stuff. It is probably a case of the modern phenomenon which says getting noticed for being an asshole is better than not being noticed at all.

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