Dirty Talk: What We Want To Hear!

People tend to be pretty divided when it comes to noise in the bedroom. Some people hate it, feeling as though the loud moans and groans are distracting and faked because it is what we believe is expected of us. Others enjoy hearing the cries of passion, and the louder it gets, the more turned on we are. Dirty talk is very popular in the bedroom, but knowing the right thing to say at the right time is difficult.

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The problem with dirty talk is that you could have what is the best sentence laid out, but it might not have the impact you were hoping for. Why? Because we all have our own ideas in our mind about the kind of things we want to hear during sex.

If you want to get dirty talk right, being able to read minds can help a lot. However, most of us can’t do this. We can only make guesses about the kind of kinky conversations you want. That’s why, here on the Escort Ireland blog, we take a look at the kind of things that most people want to hear during dirty talk.

Compliments, compliments, and more compliments

When you decide to enjoy a little kinky conversation in the bedroom, it isn’t just for you. Sure, it might seem like you are simply satisfying an urge of yours, but you are also trying to turn your partner on and leave them feeling fantastic. What better way to do that then by paying them compliments?

People tend not to think about dirty talk and compliments working well together, but they can do, and when used correctly, your partner will be left turned on and feel pretty damn good about themselves.

Tell them that their body is beautiful. Focus on specific parts. Have they got a gorgeous smile? Do you love the way their eyes light up when you start kissing your way down their body? Does their scent drive you mad? Tell them!

This doesn’t mean you have to start reciting Shakespeare. It just means that you should actually voice your thoughts more. If you find them attractive, tell them. It really will make a huge difference.

Describe the things you will do

One of the hottest things that you can do during sex is describe what you are going to do. However, this doesn’t always work to turn your partner on. Why? Because people make these grand claims about what they are going to do and can’t live up to their promises.

I’ve been send sexts before from guys promising to make me cum in thirty seconds with just their tongue. Yes, it sounded great on paper, but when it came down to it, they couldn’t do it, and they then put the pressure on me to orgasm, as though it was my fault they couldn’t make me come.

Only promise things that you can actually do. If you are very skilled at oral, explain how you are going to work your tongue around her clit until she comes. Then do it. The only thing hotter than promising someone an intense orgasm is actually giving them one.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty

The whole point of dirty talk is that it gets dirty. You shouldn’t be afraid to say the naughty and sinful words you try to avoid using in your every day life.

Tell her you’re going to eat her pussy and rub her clit. Say you are going to fuck her with your rock hard cock until she screams your name. Demand to bend her over so you can see her tight asshole before you take her.

Just be careful of going too far. When we start using bad language and swearing, it can be tempting to do it too much. This can ruin the mood. Choose your words carefully, and if you think you have gone too far, bring it back a bit. See which words she likes hearing the most and use those.

When you just can’t form words

Sometimes, we don’t want to hear any words in the bedroom. All we want to hear is you moaning as we bring you closer and closer to orgasm. If you are struggling to form words because it feels so fucking good, then don’t. Simply moan and groan instead.

It can be great to hear your partner moaning in the heat of the moment. If they are struggling to form words, it shows that we are doing our job properly. We are making them feel so good that their body is focused on the pleasure that they are feeling instead. It’s a huge ego boost for us.

When you start to get closer to cumming, let yourself get a bit louder. Say their name, if you can manage it, but if not, just enjoy it. Not comfortable with getting too vocal? Heavy breathing can work just as well as is a lot more subtle.

Tips and tricks for dirty talk

It is a lot easier to get dirty talk right if you know the kind of things your partner likes to hear. There are only really a few ways you can find this out. You can always experiment and see what gets them excited. If they like hearing your moans but don’t seem so keen on you saying the word “cunt” a lot, skip it.

Another good way to find out is to ask them. There is nothing wrong with talking about sex and the things that you like, and it is a great way to make sure you get it right.

Of course, you can always read a few of the blogs here on Escort Ireland. Why not check out our phone sex tips and tricks to see what you can pick up from there? You’ll find great advice to use in the future, so take a look now.

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One thought on “Dirty Talk: What We Want To Hear!”

  1. Great post.. it’s one of those things that people can feel awkward or shy about. .. but once you get into it during sex… it amplifies the whole experience. .. you can step up the levels of dirty talk over time.. till u get to the stage where you are both telling each other your dirtiest fantasies.. during sex.. . She might say to imagine another cock in her mouth, .. so you’ve got that thought in ur head as ur doing it.. but again.. maybe that’s too much for some people.. or you tell her what you want to do to some friend or something.. fantasy. But during sex , it feels very real!!!

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