Four Crazy Fetishes in the News Recently!

It has to be said, we have heard of some pretty crazy fetishes here. One of the things about this website is that it is a place where no-one is judged. As long as what happens is legal, consensual, and not harming anyone, then all is good!

man covers his eyes, looks away and puts hand towards camera

However, sometimes we read stuff that shocks even us. So, without further ado, here are four of the weirdest fetishes that have been in the news recently!

Cow Slurry

in May 2014, a man with a cow slurry fetish was jailed for ten years after threatening to kill a farming family who had tried to stop him enjoying it on their land.
David Truscott, 43, repeatedly rolled around naked in the animal faeces at the farm Redruth, Cornwall, something he did for at least eight years.
He has previously served a 16 week sentence in 2003 after he stripped naked in the cattle pen, released the aforementioned cattle and climbed into the slurry spreader.
I am not shitting you, it’s true!

Cows in a green field

Sex With Cars

A guy in the Czech Republic seems to have an obsession with cars. No, he wasn’t racer, he enjoyed shagging them!

CCTV footage captured the moment the guy approach a blue Skoda in an enclosed car park in the city of Pilsen and put his ‘you know what’ in the fuel cap.
He gained the nickname of the ‘car rapist’ but at the time of writing, hasn’t been formally identified.

That is one way to leave yourself ‘tyred and exhausted’.

Sex With a Horse

Julian Mark Ridgeway, 54, was told to confront his ‚Äúdeviant sexual history” after being jailed for four years for having sex with a horse.

The court heard he was seen leading the mare, Honey, from her stable on May 10 by her owners who observed the area as they were concerned something was going on.

They confronted Ridgeway who ran off. However, semen was found matching his DNA, showing on a previous occasion, sexual contact had taken place.

Well, he won’t be doing any ‘horsing around’ for a few years!

Man who had sex with a horse

Sex With a Drainpipe

Last May, a shocking video emerged of a guy with his pants down having sex with a drainpipe in the middle of the street.

The man was seen making thrusting movements against the pipe with his arms pressed up against the wall. We imagine he felt ‘drained’ afterwards!

This seemingly happened in China, and we have no idea if he was ever caught.

Drainpipe sex

So, there you go. I have to say, you aren’t likely to find any of these services advertised by the escorts on Escort Ireland (nor should you, this shit is illegal!)

However, it does go to show, it takes all sorts in this world. It is crazy, but it is fun!

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