Coregasm – Where Working Out Makes You Cum

We all know we should exercise more. Even those of us (like me) who do go to the gym, realise that we could be doing more. It is just such a pain, and when there is the option between that and getting a bottle of wine and some cake, it is easy for the gym to take a back seat. However, after reading that a number of ladies can have an orgasm by exercise, many women may be heading to the gym a bit more.

Sportswoman after intense crossing training session

An Old Theory With New Research

It seems that it is called a ‘coregasm’ (quite a clever name to be fair). This is an ‘exercise induced orgasm’ which was first described in 1953 by sexologist Alfred Kinsey in his book Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female.

“Some boys and girls react to the point of orgasm when they climb a pole or a rope, or chin themselves on a bar or some other support,” Kinsey and his research team wrote.

“Some of them engage in exercise with the deliberate intention of securing this sort of satisfaction.”

Whilst this is a relatively old idea, seven years ago that there was a proper look at whether this was a real thing. Debby Herbenick and J. Dennis Fortenberry from Indiana University examined 530 female participants to look at coregasm among women.

So how does it work?

“Coregasm is the technical term for an exercise-induced orgasm – where the blood flow within the lower abdomen, pelvic floor and inner thighs become ‘explosive’ enough to create a rush and release,” Jenni Russell, founder of Pelvic Floor Secrets, told The Independent.
“It may also be when the muscles of the lower abdominal and pelvic floor become exhausted as their threshold is easily reached.”

It seems that exercises that place a lot of pressure on the lower abdomen, hip flexors and inner thighs, such as weighted squats and bridges are the ones that can be most effective when it comes to having the ‘coregasm’.

“They can be very common in athletes in competition,” she continued. “They used to be common in UltraFit competitions for both women and men, due to the adrenaline rush and the apparatus used.

“In general, they are common with women and men who are ‘in tune’ with their body.”

Clitoral Stimulation

According to Kay Crotty PhD MCSP, practice lead at Physiolink there is another key as to why coregasm is a thing.

“The smaller superficial pelvic floor muscles are connected to the clitoris,” she told The Independent. 

“When these are contracted/exercised it squeezes/compresses the clitoris and it is this action that is believed to improved sexual sensation.”

It has to be said, not every woman can have an coregasm, but for those who can, it can certainly make a trip to the gym more pleasant than expected.

Fancy getting the leotards out, girls?

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