Common Signs That Your Partner Is Having an Affair

You can’t ever guarantee that your partner will or won’t have an affair. If you trust them, you will trust their explanations for their behaviour. However, it can be hard to shake the feeling that something is up, especially when there are signs that suggest your partner could be having an affair. They could be working late, or they could be cheating late. Maybe they have made the extra effort getting ready for you — or maybe it’s for their affair partner. There have always been certain tell tale signs (lipstick on the collar, anyone?) and they don’t seem to have changed much over the years. Here are a few typical signs to look out for.

1) The Mobile Phone

There are a few signs involving mobile phones. The first is your partner’s new obsession with keeping their phone on them at all times; in bed, while ironing, in the shower, while shaving, on the toilet (you get the picture). If you never find yourself alone with your partner’s phone, there’s probably a reason why. In addition, do they turn their phone off when you’re both together? Because they don’t want to be disturbed and ruin the quality time they have with you? Alarm bells ringing yet? It could be, that they aren’t willing to take the risk of being called or texted while you’re around.

You should also look out for an increase in the amount of calls they receive, and a certain change in their tone when they answer. Does your partner leave the room to take some of their calls? Look out for any changes in frequency of calls, the tone of voice they use (flirty or hushed) and any changes in text messaging habits – these are all signs that suggest that your partner is not being faithful.Jealousy

2) Their Appearance

This is an old classic, but according to sex therapist Tracey Cox it is still a sign you should look out for. If you notice a change in perfume/cologne; this can be the amount applied or a change in the scent, they could be cheating. Using more would indicate they have a scent to hide. Their affair partner could be a smoker, or wears a particularly strong fragrance. Equally, a change in scent could be a new gift from their bit-on-the-side or, in some cases, a blend of both of their scents. A change in their wardrobe is usually another clear indicator. If he’s making more of an effort or if she’s spending more time in front of the mirror than usual; there has to be a good reason behind it.

3) The (lack of?) Sex Life

Have you noticed a sudden change in your sex-life? Your partner is suddenly satisfied with your rejections, where in the past they would have nibbled your neck and ignored your complaints of a headache. Or maybe you’ve both not had sex in a fortnight and your partner seems fine about it. A likely scenario is that they are getting plenty and that they have not noticed the lack of sex within your relationship. Some often find that their partner has suddenly developed a new fetish, or there’s an extreme change in their sexual behaviour. Unless they’ve just finished the Fifty Shades trilogy, it is more likely to be that they have discovered new toys and techniques that they enjoy and want to introduce into your sex-life.

4. Social Media

Cheating in partnershipIt has been known to happen, that a partner has ‘checked in’ with their affair partner on Facebook. This is more of a confession than a sign. However if you suspect cheating, you should always check out their Facebook page for pictures and comments that could shine a light on your suspicions.

5. Eye Contact

If you have noticed a change in their patterns – have you tried asking them about it? For most people (not including MI6 agents and psychopaths), it is hard to make eye contact with someone who knows you intimately and tell a lie. So go ahead and ask them why they’ve changed their appearance or who’s calling them three times a week. If they’re cheating, it is likely they’ll be looking everywhere but your eyes.

This article was not written with the intention of arousing doubt in all couples. However, if you have suspected something previously this may highlight and confirm these suspicions. Even if you’re surer than ever, take the time to discover if there’s any truth to your worries. There could be a whole host of excuses behind your partners change in behaviour, but if you have noticed more than one of the above changes, it could be a very good indication that they are cheating. What to do afterwards? Well that’s a different topic altogether and is ultimately up to you. A night out with an escort in Belfast, however, is bound to cheer you up. They are known for their friendliness and honest opinion and could give you some good advice on your next plan of action.

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