Caught Punting: Should I Confess Everything?

There is nothing wrong with spending time with sexy escorts. What goes on between consenting adults behind closed doors is no-one’s business. Despite this you might find that you are a careful client, covering your back just in case someone spots you or realises what you are doing. Not everyone agrees with the escort industry, and so we get a little paranoid about being caught punting.

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But sometimes it happens. You might get caught punting. This could be by a colleague at work, a friend, or even your family. It can suck when it happens… but it is even more challenging to figure out what to do. If you are caught punting, should you just confess it all or deny everything?

Confess it all

Sometimes the evidence against you can be overwhelming. It might be that someone found the number of the escort you called and Googled it. This will have taken them to their website or profile on an escort directory, so they know exactly who you saw.

It might even be that you have met up with them after a date smelling of your chosen companion. They could also have bumped into you near the location of the date. When you have been caught punting and they have all the proof of it, it can be better to confess.

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If they already know that you have been dating escorts, confessing can be the best thing. They might be curious about your reasons for punting, or they might simply want you to tell them the truth so they know once and for all.

You might be able to move beyond this once you have confessed, but sometimes owning up is the best thing to do… especially if they already seem certain about it.

Deny everything

On the other hand, they might simply be suspicious of you. They might have absolutely no idea if they have been seeing escorts. Your behaviour could be telling them that something is going on, but they don’t know what.

When this happens, it can often be so much easier to just deny everything and act totally innocent. Confessing at a time like this will land you in hot water. So instead of baring your soul to them, keep quiet.

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If they spotted you somewhere close to an escort’s location, come up with an excuse for being there. Perhaps there is a shop nearby that you had to visit? Maybe you have a friend in the area who is having a hard time and you wanted to visit them? Just make sure your friend is willing to agree to this, or just claim that they weren’t in so you are heading home.

For phone numbers, it can be more difficult to lie about it. You don’t want to try and pin it on a friend borrowing your phone, as this will drag more people into it. Definitely not what you want! Instead, say that you were trying to call someone and got the number wrong.

What should you do?

Of course, the decision will depend on what happened when you were caught punting. If it is simply a case of a friend spotting you somewhere and asking what you are doing there, it will be easier to lie. Saying to them “I was visiting my favourite escort” might not go down well.

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If it is a family member who has found a number in your phone and they are wondering what is going on, it might be better to just tell them. Explain your reasons for visiting and they might just understand. If it is obvious why you were caught punting, lying is going to cause more problems.

Avoid being caught punting

The best solution is, of course, to avoid getting caught punting in the first place! There are so many different things that you can do to prevent this. For a start, if you are a regular client it is a good idea to invest in a punting phone.

The punting phone is a cheap throwaway that you have bought especially for calling escorts. You keep it in your car and delete all numbers and messages from the phone when you have used it. That way, if the phone is discovered by somebody you know, you can claim that you found it in the street and meant to drop it into a police station but forgot.

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It is also an excellent idea to not go punting where you live. The chances of bumping into people you know get higher when you do, so instead travel further afield. That way you aren’t as likely to meet anyone you know when you are waiting for your date.

If you do, have an excuse prepared. Make sure you have done your research and know what is in the area. Maybe there is a shop in the area that you have to visit for your partner or relative for their birthday? Just make sure you don’t then walk away empty handed as this could land you in more trouble.

Which would you choose?

Ultimately it is up to you whether you or not you confess or deny it. When you are caught punting a lot of what happens will depend on how you were caught. If it was simply a chance encounter and you are feeling paranoid, it might be better to stay silent.

But what would you do in that situation? Is it going to be better to confess or deny it all? Vote in our poll and tell us what you think. You could then let us know why you chose confess or deny by leaving a comment in the box below.

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