How Can I Keep My Affair Secret?

There’s no judging the right and wrong here about having an affair. Still, before you engage in an affair, consider the consequences of having an affair and if it comes to light and also whether these consequences are something you’re able to bear.

There are many reasons on why an affair started. It could be because of loneliness, conflicts at home, a need for boost of ego, wanting attention from someone new or simply, unhappiness with the current partner and relationship.

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This new novelty helps to boost self confidence and probably spices up your sex life too. Whatever reasons it may be, there may be some compelling reasons on why the affair should be continued and kept as a secret.

Here we discuss on some methods which would help to keep an affair under wraps as much as possible. These are tactics that can be used if you are seeing someone regular, or Dublin escorts.

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Leave no Trails

Use cash instead of credit cards Lessen the worries of being questioned on why you visited a certain suspicion arousing venue and who you were with. Using cash would take off the issue of having credit card bills which details your spending, where you have been and lifestyle habits sent to your home.

Modern Technology – Your mobile phone and emails could prove to be the most discriminating evidence of your affair. In this modern time, a lot of communication and flirting is done through emails, mobile phones and also social media.

Avoid being discovered by deleting messages, getting rid of conversations, removing cookies and browsing history which can arouse suspicions. You could apply passwords to your computer and mobile phone, or set up a new email specially to communicate with your affair.

Maintain your routine and habits– One of the main signs of having an affair is when there’s a noticeable change in routine and habits such as suddenly having to work late all the time, unplanned overseas works trips and frequent gatherings.

Try to keep to your routine as much as possible to avoid being suspected. Try to continue to make time for your current relationship and not behave strangely by avoiding calls or meet ups.

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Be Discreet

Avoid the public – An affair is meant to be kept as a secret. Avoiding going to places which you may bump into familiar faces. Bringing your affair to venues you frequent with your current partner may result in having the staff or employees recognize you.

Try to visit places which is far from where you work, live, or areas which you may bump into friends and family of your current partner.

Keeping it secret – Secrets are meant to be kept to yourself. There’s no knowing how and when rumours can spread.

Tell no one about your affair so that there wouldn’t be the chance of your close friends letting the secret slip when they are drunk or mention it unknowingly.

Protect your family – There’s no knowing what jealously can do. To ensure that your current partner does not receive mysterious calls or strange stalking where they work, keep mum about personal details like where you live, your home number, where your partner works. You wouldn’t want your affair threatening to reveal the relationship when you have a fight, or when the relationship turns sour.

Meanwhile, keep your current partner safe by staying safe. Always use protection to avoid passing on any unwanted sexual related diseases. You definitely do not want to face the situation of unwanted pregnancies as well.

State a clear line – A big no-no is bringing an affair home or having sexual activities at places you frequent with your current partner. The thought of it may be exciting, but it’ll also leave incriminating evidences such as hair or forgotten personal belongings. It’ll eventually bring about too much stress and guilt.

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The Chameleon- Going home in changed clothes will seem all too suspicious. Too many get caught having an affair because they go home freshly bathed, and having their teeth brushed. To avoid smelling like unfamiliar perfume/cologne, you could buy the same perfume that your current partner is using for your affair.

Do the same for make-up, and also check yourself for stray hair. Use exercise such as golfing or gym visits as an excuse to go home in changed clothes and looking fresh.


Having an affair may be highly exciting and intriguing but the effects of trying to keep this relationship under wraps can also cause a lot of mental stress, guilt, shame and also tire you out. This is not to mention the money spent. Maintaining two relationships means two dinners, two lunches, hotel trysts, holidays, extra gifts and more.

It’s never easy to maintain more than one relationship at a time especially when there’s the stress of being caught. Even with the methods discussed above, the affair may still come to light with time and eventually cause pain to yourself, your family and your affair. Therefore, be aware of the consequences before you embark on it.

There’s no knowing which way an affair can go. The end of the current relationship does not always spell a good ending with an affair as the novelty may also eventually wan. There’s no knowing if an affair could end off with a badly and cause even more stress and guilt for yourself and even your current partner and/or family.

You may realize that it’s not as easy to end off an affair as you thought, especially if it has been going on for a long time and deep emotional attachments have developed.

If you are still inclined to have an affair, take the opportunity to search within yourself on the reason for doing so. Could it be an excuse to end your current relationship? Do you feel unwanted? Are you craving for an increase in sexual activities or more exciting sexual trysts? Do you feel certain inadequateness in your partner? These could all be possible reasons that push you to seek for a solution from an affair.

Having an inclination to embark on an affair could also be used as an opportunity to reflect on your current relationship and also to understand your own wants and needs better.

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