​Breaking the Ice: A Client’s Guide to starting a Conversation with an Escort

So, let’s assume this is your first time engaging with an escort, and you aren’t too sure how to go about starting the conversation with the escort, let alone any of the next steps. This article will help you break the ice and start this journey.

Make use of the Search Filters

We know seeing the hundreds of stunning escorts to choose from can feel very overwhelming, that’s why you’ve got access to brilliant search filters. Search filters help you narrow down your choices by only showing you your preferred preferences. This saves you tons of time and helps you avoid scrolling and reading hundreds of profiles.

Do your Research

Doing your research by reading the profile of the escort thoroughly, including their “favourites”, which are the ONLY services the escorts offer. Make sure your wants and needs lie within those favourites they have listed on their profile. The next step is to check the reviews of the escort. Punters gladly help by leaving extremely insightful reviews about the various escorts available.

Breaking the Ice

Once you’ve decided on an escort, or maybe two you’re struggling to choose between, now is a good time to start the conversation. Give the escort a call or send them a text and see how you feel. Remember to always be respectful, clear, and honest with the person you’re talking to. Start by simply saying “Hi there, I’d love to meet with you. Do you perhaps have some time today?”. It’s as simple as a short text or phone call such as this. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

Remember that the escorts know what they’re doing and talking about. At the end of the day they need you just as much as you need them, so know they are happy and excited to talk to you, so don’t be shy!

Return the Favour

Once you’ve had your first experience, please be sure to return the favour and leave a review! This will most definitely help other punters such as yourself to make the right informed decisions that best suit them.

Most importantly, remember to be respectful at all times of your engagement, from the first text to the moment you leave your appointment. Make sure you have good hygiene and a positive demeanor along your journey. Then, you’ll be rewarded with a thrilling, fun, sensual and unforgettable experience!

You’ve now got all you need to break the ice with an Escort! Then what are you waiting for?


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