Boxer Knocks Out Internet Troll in Real Life (Video)

I get on very well with the Escort Ireland escort community staff. They are a great team and I always love listening to their stories of internet trolls.

To be fair, I, and they, find trolls quite funny, but you need to know when to draw the line. It is easy to go from being a wind up merchant, to actually offensive. And you never know if you are offending the wrong person.

Crossing the Line

One particular troll who got his come-uppance is Charlie Zellenoff. A frequenter of boxing forums, Charlie has spent his time insulting boxers and claiming to be the greatest fighter in the world. Years ago it was quite funny, but over the last few years it has become quite offensive. And one man he has insulted is Deontay Wilder..

For non-boxing fans, Deontay Wilder is a huge punching, unbeaten American heavyweight. In simple terms, he isn’t the kind of man you should be racially abusing and mocking his disabled daughter.

Well, this particular internet troll got his just deserts when Wilder turned up at the gym with his gloves. Deontay proceeded to floor Zellenoff heavily, twice, while Charlie begged for mercy.

Whether Wilder should have been lowering himself to this level is another thing. Despite Zellenoff having one professional fight (which he lost after quitting in the first round) he doesn’t seem like much of a fighter. It doesn’t stop it being really funny!

To his credit however, Charlie takes a booming Wilder left hand quite well.

So a note to Charlie….just watch who you are insulting. You may have comeback in the real world!

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