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It is New Year’s Eve and we will find that if we are planning to do anything, our nights will consist of one of three things. Firstly there is the nightclub who ramp up their admission and drink prices for the night in an annoying, money-grabbing exercise. Then there is the local pub full of the same drunk people you would find usually, just even more drunk. Finally there is the house party where after a good first hour, everyone sits around the room channel hopping for something that isn’t dog shit. Neither option is great, so why don’t you consider getting an escort for some company this new year?

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Why Choose an Escort?

There are a number of benefits to meeting an escort on NYE. Firstly you can have the company of a classy companion instead of those previous three scenarios that actually fill many, including me, with dread. An escort will know how to give you a good time, and you won’t have to deal with the idiots that are found elsewhere. It means you can relax and have a good time which is of course what you deserve.

Then there is of course the issue of actually meeting women. On New Year’s Eve we all know that if you are single it is like a mad trolley dash to meet a woman. We hug every woman we can at midnight and pray to god we see something in their eyes which says they are up for more. Sadly women are well aware when there is desperation and are usually put off by it.

However, with an escort you know you are going to get the service you pay for so you can once again relax into your night. Just leave the panicky attempts to pull to those who are on a night out.

Get in There Early

Still, if you do want to meet an escort it will be an idea to book early. Many men will have the same idea about meeting one so the demand will be high. Couple that with the the fact that a few less will be working due to shock horror, them having their own plans then you have excess supply and somewhat limited demand. It is therefore a good idea to book your courtesan early, maybe earlier in the day

Spending new year with an escort is an absolutely fantastic idea, but there can be few more frustrating experiences than making a call to numerous escorts this evening and finding they are all booked up. Just make your choice and sit back and wait for the fun you will have this evening.

We would just like to wish you all a happy new year filled with fun, success, and of course escorts!

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