Best Photos to add to your Advert

Remember to add the best photos you can on your profile! There are some rules and tips you should use and allow to guide you…

What are the best photos to add to your advert?

Pictures speak a thousand words… This is something you need to keep at the top of your mind when choosing what you want your advertisement to consist of.

Although you are most definitely not expected to have professional photos taken, there are some rules and tips you should use and allow to guide you…

Let’s have a look at some of them!

Keep it real…

Make sure you do not photoshop your photos. It’s perfectly fine to photoshop a pimple which is not usually there, however, when it comes to completely changing your body shape and breast size, this is where the issue comes in. Again, it is important you look the same as the photos you are advertising. A Punter who enjoys big boobs may be disappointed when you have advertised a false photo of big breasts, only to arrive and your boobs not look anything like the photo. Keep in mind that you are often making someone’s fantasies come true, therefore it’s important for the person to know what to expect.

…& up to date

Make sure the photos you use are no more than one year old. In order to avoid disappointing clientele, rather be honest from the get-go. It could be as simple as a Punter looking for a blonde babe, he comes across your advert with blonde hair, and when meeting you in person it turns out you now have short red hair. This could be disappointing and cause an awkward situation with the Punter.

Always look for good lighting

We cannot express enough just how important good lighting is when taking a photo. By no means do your photos have to be professionally taken, but throw on some sexy lingerie, find a room in your house with good lighting and you’re bound to get the perfect photo.

Videos matter too

If pictures are worth a thousand words, what about videos? Videos can be extremely helpful when attracting clients! Simply take a short video in the mirror in some stunning lingerie. Sway your hips or flaunt your gorgeous breasts and body. Do slow and sexy movements that will really capture the viewers’ attention.

Capture the right audience when advertising your services by simply keeping it real, sexy and captivating! Be sure to make use of these tips and watch business improve as you take your marketing and advertising skills to a whole new level.


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