Best Locations for a Quickie

With our hectic lifestyle, every second counts. So why waste time finding a safe place to have sex when you can do it in a nearby location? If you take caution and use a drop of discretion, a quickie can be sexier and more exciting than you ever thought possible. We have compiled a list of the best locations to have a quickie – so next time your blood runs heavy below the waist, grind your partner in one of these locations.


An elevator is an exciting and practical location for a quickie. Going up or down several floors is unlikely to provide you with enough time to have your fun – we recommend that you stall the elevator (don’t trigger an alarm; no one wants to be caught by fire fighters!). This will allow you and your partner to experiment and have some fun before letting the elevator run again. Make the most of the confined space and try something a little different, like the upright wheelbarrow. Have your partner facing the wall, hold her things while she holds the wall and penetrate. After the fun is over, we advise getting off a few floors from the ground floor and exit via the stairs!

Business woman


You are guaranteed to find a building with a stairwell nearby, so take advantage of it. Get the elevator up to one of the top floors to reduce the risk of getting caught (unless you want to, of course!). This location lends itself to a variety of positions; you could sit on the steps and be straddled by your partner or go for the more traditional missionary with her back arched over a stair.


This location is great for when your girl is wearing a skirt – nothing is more of a turn off than getting caught with your pants down (literally). Alleyways are great for when you fancy a quickie in the evening; after dinner you can both nip to the alley behind the restaurant, or find an alley on the way to/from the cinema. It is best to try positions that involve standing up – get your partner to wrap one (or both if you’re feeling particularly athletic) leg(s) around you.


If you didn’t get your chance to have a quickie on the way to the cinema, there’s always the cinema itself. Yes, this sounds cliché, but it can be very sexy and thrilling. This is not the location for screamers, but keeping quiet is part of the fun. Start off with oral sex; ask your girl to go down on you and vice versa. If you feel brave enough (and there aren’t many people around), get on your knees, get your girl to sit on top and gently rock your way to an incredible orgasm.

Toilet or Back of a Restaurant/Bar

If you’re romantic date is leaving you both wanting more, head to the darkest part of the bar, or the toilet to satisfy your needs. Standing positions like the ones mentioned for alleyways are recommended or upright doggy if there’s a wall for your partner to use for support. You have to have a little exhibitionist lurking within to try this position, as the chances are you will be heard. Don’t let that put you off though; this location is fun and exciting.


Yes, it is the original quickie location, but you can’t beat a classic! Having sex in your car is less likely to have you arrested for public indecency and is just as fun as the other locations on this list. Due to the small amount of space, it also allows you and your partner to get creative. Experiment with a few positions and who knows what you’ll discover.

engagement in the car


This is for those who have been eyeing up the receptionist in their office or have arranged to have lunch with their partner. Invite her to your office and use the props to your advantage! Use the desk, your office chair, or have her against the wall with her legs wrapped around you. There are so many possibilities, that you could easily make this part of your daily routine…

Dressing room

How often do you go shopping with your partner? Instead of sitting in the ‘man chair’ for hours staring at other men who are equally as bored out of their minds, why not sneak into the changing room with her? Push her against the mirror and have a quickie using one of the standing positions previously mentioned. The mirror has the added bonus of allowing you both to watch yourselves during – this can be a real turn on!

These are just a few locations to start you off with. Once you’ve started, you will start scoping out the nearest places for a great quickie! Have any doubts or questions? Ask an escort in Cork who is happy to share their past experience and advice with you over a couple of drinks.

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