Being Eco-Friendly Makes You More Attractive!

Yesterday was Earth Day. It is an event which takes place every year on the 22nd April, giving us the chance to unite and focus on the problems the world is facing. This year, the focus was on ending plastic pollution, with many offering advice on how you could stop it. But it seems that caring for the world around you is going to do wonders for your dating life as well as the environment.

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A recent study has suggested that being eco-friendly can make you appear more attractive to others. Why is this, and what can you learn from the actions of yesterday’s Earth Day to up your game?

Eco-friendly is a turn on!

Zoosk is an online dating site and app, and they were eager to take a look at just how eco-friendly we are in the run up to Earth Day. They decided that the best way to do this was to conduct a survey and examine some of the dating profiles using on their site.

Over 5,000 people were surveyed, and they analysed 123,257 dating profiles in order to find out just how much we care about the environment and our contribution to the world that we live in.

It seems that 78% of those questioned stated that they wanted to date someone who genuinely cares about the environment, with 33% believing it was ‘very important’ to them that someone have this trait. 58% of the singles said that being eco-friendly made potential dates far more attractive.

It seems that being eco-friendly is a huge turn on for many of us!
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Deal breakers and bugbears

While this information proved to be interesting for Zoosk, they also wanted to know just where people might draw the line when it came to the environment and dating. They looked at the top 10 things that bugged single people about not taking care of the environment, as well as their biggest deal breakers.

Littering came the top of the frustrations list, with 81% saying that they found it frustrating. Interestingly, it was also the top of the deal breakers list, with 74% saying that they wouldn’t be able to continue a relationship if their date littered. Looks like we should be putting more things into the bin!

Other common issues were unnecessarily wasting food, leaving lights on, not recycling, and driving when you can walk. Using too much water in the bathroom (through long showers or leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth) were also problems for a lot of us. Maybe we should start being just a little more conscious of the things that we do?

Things like slow walkers might annoy some people, but others can't stand seeing some littering
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Most attractive eco-friendly traits

So it looks like we need to start paying attention to the things we do. Not only will it benefit the world we live it, but it can also makes us appear more attractive when dating. Putting rubbish away, however, isn’t enough. Thankfully, Zoosk managed to put together lists to show just what people find more attractive when it comes to eco-friendly dating.

First, we’ll look at the things men find attractive. For them, picking up litter was the biggest deal. 57% of those surveyed found it attractive. 50% believed that being energy efficient at home was also a turn on, and 50% again felt that recycling was important. Gardening, shopping at the local farmers’ market, and planting a tree were high up there, and visiting a farmers’ market might make a great date!

Reusing things also seemed to be a big deal, with reusing grocery bags and water bottles coming out pretty high on the list. Wearing used items of clothing again, composting, and driving an electric car were also big deals. Being vegetarian also matters to some people it seems.

When we look at the list of things women find more attractive in a date, there really aren’t many differences. In fact, the only difference between the lists is that women would put shopping at the local farmers’ market higher than gardening and being energy efficient at home.

Want to know about the best dates to take go on when showing how eco-friendly you are? Visiting the beach, going on a picnic, and hiking were popular with men. Women also liked the idea of visiting the beach or going on a picnic, but they’d rather hang out at a farmers’ market instead of going hiking.

It seems that having a picnic on the beach with things you bought from a local farmers' market might be the perfect date!
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Are eco-friendly people more attractive?

With Earth Day yesterday, it really makes us start thinking about the things we do. I became aware over the weekend that I don’t do as much as I could to help the environment. For those looking for a little motivation, maybe the results of the study above will help? Not only is caring about the environment going to benefit the world we live in, but it also makes you seem more attractive. It’s a win/win situation!

The full Zoosk results are an interesting read… but what do you think about them? Do you find eco-friendly people more attractive? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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