Ashley Madison Women Were Really Men Faking It!

All we’ve been hearing about recently is the latest scandal surrounding the Ashley Madison hack and the names released. Relationships around the world have broken down thanks to the hackers, and plenty have been left wondering exactly how much of themselves they are putting online.

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Well it wouldn’t be a true scandal without us really finding out that most of the female accounts on the website were fake, right? Well, that is what has been recently revealed, and it seems that a huge number of the “millions” of women on the site were actually just male employees masquerading to get users in.

The latest scandal

The entire Ashley Madison hack and information about the website itself has been all over the news pretty much from the moment it happened. In fact, searching Ashley Madison on Google comes up with around 177,000,000 results (at the time of writing this article), telling us just how much people are talking about it.

Even before the hack happened, Ashley Madison was getting a lot of publicity and it is hardly surprising why. After all, it is a website where you can sign up to start having an affair. Why wouldn’t people talk about it?

Then the hack happened, and those responsible began to threaten to share this information with the world. They wanted to expose those who had signed up to the website to have an affair, and there were plenty of others out there encouraging them. Some of the users had been clever and protected themselves by not giving away their real information, but some hadn’t been so lucky, and so when the list was released their data was exposed to the watching world.

Now it seems that there is another scandal around the website. You’d think people would have had enough of hearing the words Ashley Madison now, but no. We want to know everything, so of course when people began to say that the millions of accounts belonging to women on the website weren’t actually used by women, we wanted to know more.

Creating fake accounts

It wasn’t enough that Ashley Madison had been hacked. Annalee Newlitz, a writer for Gizmodo, wanted to analyse the data that had been released to find out what kind of people used the website, and she discovered something that she felt was very suspicious.

For a start, while the data the hackers published suggested that there were around 31 million men and 5 million women using the website, there were also a huge number of what seemed to be test accounts. These accounts had websites with “” as the contact, suggesting that it was Ashley Madison themselves who created them.

Newlitz wasn’t happy with just that revelation. She wanted to know more, and more is what she found. While the website seemed to be suggesting that these millions of female users were active, she discovered that only around 1,492 of the women in the database actually bothered to check their messages, with 2,409 using the chat function. Those might sound like huge numbers, but the men checking their messages came in at 20 million, and those using the chat function were around 11 million.

All of this data seems to suggest that the genuine women might have signed up to the website and then done nothing more. Perhaps they realised they weren’t really looking for an affair, or perhaps they found it somewhere else? Either way, Newlitz has her own comments on it, stating that “Ashley Madison is a site where tens of millions of men write mail, chat, and spend money for women who aren’t there.”

Not exactly news!

However, there have been rumours and accusations flying for a long time that they have had fake profiles on the website. In fact, our own blogger Martin wrote about it back in March of last year on Escort Scotland, when he looked at the fake profile storm that was hitting the website. This is over a year before the hack even occurred!

Basically, a Brazilian immigrant had filed a lawsuit to try and seek around $21 million for “unjust enrichment” as well as general damages. She claimed that she had caused serious damage to her arms and writes while working for the website, when she had to create thousands of fake profiles in just three weeks for the Brazilian version of the site.

She claimed that she had been told to do this so that they could “entice paying heterosexual male members to join and spend money on the website” without actually realising these profiles were fake. Of course, at the time Ashley Madison denied these claims and brought Ms. Silva’s honesty into question, stating that she spent a total of six months in Brazil for treatment for the pain, which also included time jet skiing!

However, given the recently revelation about the fake sites, others are looking back and wondering if Ms. Silva told the truth.

The benefits of escorts

The entire situation just goes to show that you shouldn’t be signing up to websites that ask for such personal information such as your address and credit card information. You don’t know where it could go, and honestly if you do want to meet a sexy real woman for a good time, you can’t go wrong with dating an escort.

Websites like Escort Ireland give you the chance to meet real people, and if you do arrive to discover that the person on the profile is not the one you meet at the door, you can simply walk away. Walking away not only lets you keep your money, but you can also go and submit a review to let other clients know.

But honestly, are you at all surprised that Ashley Madison contained fake profiles? Is it really a big shocker, or could you see it coming a mile away?

Let us know what you think either by writing in the comment box below or by heading over to the Escort Ireland forum and joining the discussion there.

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