An Interview with… Michelle!

An interview with Michelle! | For the first time in years, we have a new section on our blog! We’ve managed to take some time to interview Escort Ireland’s lovely and popular advertisers, to get to know them on a personal level, and learn more about their experiences.

Sit back, relax and enjoy reading every part of our chat with Michelle!


Hi Michelle! Thank you for taking your time and agreeing to this interview!

You are definitely one of a kind and I’m sure everyone is more than interested in reading your interview.

Hi Sofia! I am glad I agreed to this interview as I enjoy it. Some questions make me really think about my career.

Since you joined the site you have won ETOM twice, and now the Escort Fans Valentine’s Contest, too. You are clearly very successful and loved around here. What is your secret to making everyone gravitate toward you?

Actually I won EOTM more times… But in the end, it’s not important how many times we win this competition. The most important question is “how many people we are truly EOTM for?”

Well, it’s quite a complicated question. Generally, I would answer that it’s important to find a business that we enjoy and do with love. If we really feel positive emotions inside us, if it makes us truly happy, then it’s a first step to being successful. It’s not possible to be good at something that we don’t like or something we don’t feel good emotions about. I’m sure most of our life is about energy.

The second step is to be thankful. But it has to be real and has to come from the inside. We have to feel it. Of course, there has to be hard work as well and every single day we have to continue on our journey and never give up. I’ve dedicated most of my life in the last few years to my job. I always say any person can come to any business but not everyone stays there or becomes successful.

I love my job the same way I love my clients, and I’m sure they love me too. There are more kinds of love. I’m happy every day and there’s no day in which I am not thankful for all that happened. Especially in this business… it’s good to find something that you are good at. Be natural, real, and never ever talk about or do anything that you’re not comfortable with.

What motivated you to move to Ireland?

I didn’t move to Ireland. My home is still the Czech Republic. But you’re right, I spend a lot of my time in Ireland. It’s my second home where I feel safe and happy.

You are obviously beautiful, so this is a hard question to answer! But what part of your body do you love the most?

Lol Sofia, you made me blush. Firstly thank you… I love that I look a bit exotic. People are never sure if I am European or not. My face is also not typical and I think that’s beneficial, as it’s good to be different. I also love my teeth, my very slim waist and my boobs.

What part of your body do clients like the most?

I’ve heard compliments about the parts that I mentioned. However, almost every day I get a compliment about my soft skin.

Are there any questions clients ask that annoy you? And do you answer those questions?

To be honest most of my bookings don’t have any questions as my profile says everything about me and is very clear, I also don’t see a lot of new people.

But the question which I get every single day is “are you available?”, which then depends on my mood at the time. Sometimes I have to try to explain that I only really accept bookings which are made in advance, or at least a few hours before. But most of the time I roll my eyes and I continue waiting for my following appointment while having to do deep breathing. Another everyday question is “do you do 30min?”, it’s something that I just don’t reply to at all, or maybe sometimes I’ll reply if you’re lucky.

Lol, it sounds funny but I just don’t understand why when someone is interested in a service and doesn’t read what the provider offers.

Have you ever completed a booking with a celebrity?

Until today, I still don’t know if he is a celebrity in the right meaning… but I will never forget my first outcall in Paris when I had to introduce myself like a reporter and I was waiting for an introduction from him. I suppose it was quite funny with my zero English, but it’s something that I say all the time… A man wants to feel and be loved, he wants to feel special, he needs a good listener, and he usually has a lovely second person at home for all other things. They’re not interested in talking at all in appointments. Of course, I’ve also met some exceptions. We’re all individuals.

Which part of a client do you look at first?

In general, his face and his smile. But mostly it’s nothing physical. It’s about what comes with a client, such as personality.

Is there any working experience that you remember with special affection?

Oh yes, I have a lot of positive working experiences, but one is very special to me. In fact, it’s more than one as it happens repeatedly. It’s something that’s hard to describe in words…

In your honest opinion, what would you say is the best thing about

The best thing is that they’ve created a community here. People know each other in one or another way, we know who Michelle is, we know who BeautyAddict is or Stephanie, etc. Some of us are family.

I would also say something that makes this place still enjoyable is that EI doesn’t have to make all these competitions and interviews, etc but they do it for us.

Do you ever struggle with being in the ‘right’ mood for a booking session, or keeping up with the posts on Escort Fans?

Ah Sofia, of course, I do.

Let’s start talking about me as an escort first. I’m only human with feelings, I am also a woman who feels different every week of the month. One day I feel very strong and a week later I feel like a baby girl. Some days I’m very tired. Most of the time I’m happy, I accept appointments as my clients give me good energy back. I try to always be happy as clients come to me for an escape and a good time. If I know I really can’t do my best, then I cancel my booking. However, I feel responsible for their time so I try my best to keep their booking or reschedule it.

Now we can continue talking as a content creator. Being a content creator is a different story. I decided to be very honest… there is not a day where I don’t ask myself if there is a reason to continue. I’m not talking about the money. I feel Irish people are not ready for this part of the business. I’m very frustrated and it doesn’t give me good energy. I’m talking in general, as there are also some people who appreciate my work. They is a reason why I’m still there. I know some of them are active every single day, so I do my work for those people specifically for the last few months. However, at the same time, I am also happy, as EF gave people some motivation to meet me later in person. It’s something that’s made me smile.

Unfortunately, most of them are only watchers with zero activity.

I will not talk about some other things that happened before on the forum, as I know people always use situations when people are easy targets. You can say it’s changed my feelings a lot about my work on the platform. At least it was a good lesson. Because of this, I struggle with being in the ‘right’ mood very often.

Now I have to take an opportunity and apologize for my behaviour toward people who work hard for a platform. I see things more rationally than ever before when I felt very hurt after one incident there. Now I know, there wasn’t a bad intention towards me, and I overreacted. In public, I also have to say EscortFans do their work the best way they can, exactly like the people here on EscortIreland.

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