An Interview with… Judith Valls!

We’ve managed to take some time to interview Escort Ireland’s lovely and popular advertisers, to get to know them on a personal level, and learn more about their experiences. Sit back, relax and enjoy reading every part of our chat with Judith Valls!

An Interview with... Judith Valls!

Hi Judith! Thank you for taking your time and doing this interview.

Judith Valls Interview:

In your honest opinion, what is the best thing about

I feel fascinated by the friendly and respectful Anglo-Saxon education.

E-I is close, sensitive, respectful, and versatile, with a great variety of opportunities. Profiles, information, direct support and security through Ugly Mugs, Marketing and advertising, Promotions on Social Networks, EscortFans, educational blogs, the forum, and expansion in Ireland and Scotland.

There is a huge difference between Ireland and Spain. What made you choose Ireland over Spain?

In Spain, they are passionate about good living, gastronomy, wine-making, warm climate, leisure, art and culture. Ireland traditional country and great natural beauty, cliffs and history, and tourism. Technology is the progress between the fusion of an ambiguous and modern world. People with free souls, happy, and spiritual like good Celts.

You offer two services, escorting and domination. Which favourites do you prefer the most from both adverts?

I am always excited to connect, guided by intuition and psychology. Seduction and control, games, uniforms, rolls.

Do you believe that escort services are some kind of therapy? What about domination services?

Of course, escort or domination services are great therapy, very necessary to connect or disconnect and release energy and tension. Fulfil fantasies and play.

You have fully clothed pictures and also extremely sexy ones that leave little to imagination. Do you believe less is more, or more is more?

Less is more, the subtlety of giving free rein to the imagination is a warm-up. More is more, what is implicit already within matter.

Which are the 5 places you’d recommend someone who’s never been to Spain to visit?

In Barcelona, the 5 places I recommend are:

  1. The liberal Clubs for couples, are a world open to live and open-minded experiences, one of them is Training Pedralbes.
  2. The terraces of the glamorous hotels in Barcelona, ​​W Barcelona, ​​Arts, Gran Marina, Majestic, in their nights of fun and culture.
  3. “The big golden apple of Barcelona”, Paseo de Gracia or Diagonal, shopping, high-end, restaurants, hotels.
  4. Tour of architectural monuments by Antoni Gaudí, Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, Sagrada Familia, Park Güell Cultural, Palau of Music, Gran Liceo, Auditorium, Poliorama Theatre, Apolo Theatre, Coliseum Theatre.
  5. Gothic Quarter, the old Roman and Jewish neighbourhood, fabulous narrow and cobbled streets, full of shops, restaurants like Marea Alta or Caracoles, and entertainment like Jamboree Jazz pub.

Do you plan on ever going back to the sunny Spanish shores?

Of course! I always take the opportunity to get away on vacation or short weekends. Costa Brava is a sea and mountain paradise in Gerona.

Have you ever worked in other countries as an escort? If so, How do you rate those countries compared to Ireland for working?

I have worked in Spain, in Barcelona and Madrid. The rhythms are different in terms of activities, and the way to close an appointment. In Spain, hotel outings, weekends, nights and events accompanying meals, dinners, etc. are highly valued. In Ireland there are shorter appointments, depending on the autonomy of time, I have also had the pleasure of enjoying entire days and nights of dinners and hotel events.

Do you have any hidden talents, such as singing, playing instruments, or martial arts?

I love dancing and doing sports like running, cycling, and snorkelling.

What is your best asset?

My best asset is my passion and my creativity.

If Santa was real and visited you, what gift would you ask for?

I wish for peace and lots of love.

What would I find in your fridge right now?

I love fresh fruit and vegetables, a good fresh dry white wine like a Verdejo, Albariño or Rioja.

What has been your most bizarre life experience?

My strangest experience was a first blind date, being entertained by beautiful gifts and an excellent conversation about horses and freedoms, it was a very special and spiritual date.

Do you have a word that you don’t like to use or hear?

I can’t stand rudeness.

Review systems are often criticised. What are your views on it?

Reviews are always welcome, for me it is always a triumph to transmit so that they do not resist the passion and euphoria of sharing.

Are you somebody that needs to be up to date with the latest fashion?

I am fascinated by fashion, trends, glamour, and elegance.

Would/Have you ever dated a client?

Yes, the heart is free and feelings rule. What is life without passion?

Have you ever boycotted or protested anything?

Freedoms and equality, human rights. Respect for a sustainable world.

What made you want to get into the escort business? And domination?

I was fascinated by luxury, sexual freedom, knowledge and experience. My phrase as an escort or Domina is “A thousand lives in one.”

What Are You Most Passionate About?

I am passionate about living, my financial freedom and control of my time.

Thank you very much Judith Valls for doing this interview!


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