An Interview with… Carla Rios!

We’ve managed to take some time to interview Escort Ireland’s lovely and popular advertisers, to get to know them on a personal level, and learn more about their experiences. Sit back, relax and enjoy reading every part of our chat with Carla Rios!

Hello Carla, we are so happy you agreed to doing this interview. As we all have seen, you have been quite active on the forum lately and everyone is dying to know more about you!

Carla Rios Interview:

How did you decide to become an escort, and what led you to this profession?

Hi! I was very flattered and happy to be invited to this interview. Thank you very much!

I started working as an escort in London. I worked in another field, nothing involving sex and I had never done anything like that! Then a friend invited me to dance at a strip club. I danced classical ballet for many years, so dancing is something I enjoy doing. And I’ve always been very open to sex. This was not a taboo for me. So I thought “Why not?”
But I had two problems: I didn’t speak English well at the time and I’m very shy in public, In places with lots of people! So that didn’t work out very well! This same friend told me that she was going to visit an escort house and asked if I would like to go with her! And again I thought “Why not?” The more intimate environment seemed more interesting to me! So I started dedicating myself to being an escort.

carla rios

Why did you decide to advertise on EI and what do you think differentiates this platform from the others?

The platform is very well known in Ireland and the one that works the most. This is definitely a difference! I find everything about it easy to use, I didn’t need much practice or explanations to learn how to use it. And every time I’ve needed help, the support has been incredible. The entire team is always available to help me at any time!

Vaguely, can you describe the screening process you use to ensure safety and compability with clients? And how do you ensure both you and your client’s privacy?

I like hearing my clients’ voices and feeling their energy!
I also like polite customers, who, for example, start a conversation with
“Hi, how are you?” I know it seems silly, but some guys are rude even in messages, forgetting the slightest bit of social etiquette. Few assertive questions, these are fixed in the business. After all, I am an individual company and we are making a commercial agreement. This shows the client’s seriousness and that they genuinely intend to make an appointment. Regarding privacy, I don’t usually ask too personal questions, especially on the first date. I am always open to listening to what the client wants to share with me, but I try not to be nosy! Unfortunately our world is surrounded by a sexual taboo, so discretion is the key to having a good business.

How do you handle boundaries and consent in your work?

I have opening and closing times for work. I’m very strict about this!
Another thing is that I make it very clear what I offer and what I don’t offer. Just as I respect my clients, I hope to receive the same respect in return. If a client wants something that I don’t offer or if they behave in any way that is disrespectful, I will delete them from my client list.
Unfortunately this work is risky and I don’t usually give second chances.

What do you think diferenciates you from the other advertisers and makes everyone come back for more?

I always try to have the environment and myself prepared and organised! A clean environment, a good look, new and varied work clothes, good smell… I offer a complete experience, which starts from the moment the client arrives at my door. And this involves sex, but not only that! I learned that this job is not just about beautiful looks. So on days when I’m not in a good mood or if I’m tired, I turn off my phone.
I try to be a pleasant, friendly person, with good conversation, laughter, affection, almost like a friend with whom the client is having a date (very hot and sexy date)! I try not to be robotic or mechanical. Because we are all human beings looking for a little affection and some fun.
Sex is sex, even when you’re alone! But even a minimal connection only happens with another person willing to share a good moment with you.
So I think this is the set of things that make my clients come back to see me again.

carla rios

What are some misconceptions about being an escort that you’d like to address?

People think that escorts are forced to do what they do, or that they are poor, or even that they have less value than themselves! Or even those who do not have formal education, or who somehow do their job because they have no options in life. I realise that some guys still have that image of the XVIII escort portrayed in the Industrial Revolution movies. Some women continue in these conditions! But the women I know in Ireland have a completely different reality. They are intelligent, enterprising, fearless, and strong! About the girls I think is a mistake is not planning properly and often not investing money well. There are very profitable months and others not so much. I see this work in a very professional way and I see myself as a company.

How has the internet and technology impacted your work?

I started working after online advertising already existed and I have been growing and learning how to develop content on online adult product sales platforms, such as Escortfans. Just as everything in the world is becoming more technological, escort work follows the same way!
It’s something new every day and requires dedication and constant adaptation from me to learn these new trends. And I think this is an opportunity to grow and add to my income. But I have to say that producing digital content is not as easy as many people think!

Can you share with us any challenges you’ve faced in your career and how you’ve overcome them?

I think my biggest challenge was social and family. As I said, there is a taboo surrounding this work that almost forces us, escorts, to keep it a total secret! So my biggest challenge was sharing this with my family and close friends. But the people I have around me respect my decisions without judgement. So I believe I faced this with a lot of conversation and mutual respect.

Have you ever found yourself in a “stranger than fiction” situation while working?

I think that fiction portrays the world of escorts with a lot of romanticism (Like the movie “Pretty Woman”) or with a lot of prejudice (or both).
I never experienced a great romance in this work, but I have had risky situations and some judgements. But I prefer to remember the different and funny situations. Like the time a guy paid me to play football with him in his room! He even brought a ball in his backpack! That was strange and fun.

I’m sure you’re amazing at football! What are your views on everything that’s going on in the world?

Right now, I think the most shocking thing that is happening is the situation in Palestine and Israel. And also the Russian and Ukrainian war.
My opinion is the same in both, they are people with a long and complicated history. I am not an expert on any of the subjects.
But this really worries and saddens me. Unfortunately, I don’t see how these two conflicts can end well. But I hope something is done to resolve all this as soon as possible! And so civilians stop suffering.

How do you manage your finances and taxes in your profession?

To manage, I have an Excel spreadsheet for tracking daily profits and expenses. In addition, I have an annual and monthly plan set up.
Regarding my taxes, I declare myself as self-employed and I have a contractor who helps me with this. We all have to pay our taxes to the government. It is a sad, but necessary, reality!

What do you value the most in someone you just met?

The respect that people have for me! And certainly education, kindness, positive energy, easy going, funny… and good smell!

carla rios

What is classed as normal in your country but deemed as weird in the rest of the world?

Brazil is a huge country, so it’s difficult to say something that is done throughout Brazil by all Brazilians, but in the region where I come from it is common to eat rice and beans almost every day, for lunch and dinner.
Except on Sunday!

What would you like your life to be when you retire?

I would like to have a peaceful life, living close to the beach, with comfort and being able to travel to see the whole world!

What is the most asked favourites to be provided from your list that clients request? And the ones that you don’t provide?

I provide everything on my favourites list (Some of them with extra payment). The most requested are CIM and ANAL. Things that are not on my list and I do not provide in any way, but are very requested, are: domination, submission and penetration/sex without a condom…

How do you handle the emotional aspects of the work, such as supporting clients through difficult times?

As I said, I try not to be intrusive, but if the client opens up to me
about a problem, I listen and offer comfort. I think listening and hugging can help a lot! Over the years, some clients ended up becoming, in addition to being personal friends. We always talk and share funny and difficult moments. These continue to be my clients, but we have a closer connection. I have more friendship with this one, so it’s easier to help in a more active way.

Do you have a support network or community of the other escorts in the industry?

I met many escorts, and some became true friends! We travel together, we help each other, we share tips. So yes, I have a small but solid support network!

Could you tell us about a particularly comical or awkward moment you’ve encountered in your life?

In life as an escort, every day is a surprise. Funny things always happen with a certain frequency! 😄 Once a client paid me an overnight stay and we went out for a few drinks. He drank a little (or a lot) more than usual! That day he lost his phone in the taxi, in a certain pub he started buying drinks for everyone who spoke to him… After a few hours, we went back to my apartment. He was very drunk! So I laid him on my bed, took off his shoes and said “I’m going to the bathroom” I turned around and in less than 2 seconds he fell to the floor! He was lying down and managed to fall! 😆 How did he manage to do this? I don’t know! The noise of the fall was so loud that my neighbours downstairs banged on their ceiling complaining about it! To avoid further falls, I put a pillow on his head and covered him with a duvet. And he slept on the floor all night!

Thank you very much Carla Rios! I had a blast doing this interview with you.


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