An interview with Angy Mexico | For the first time in years, we have a new section on our blog! We’ve managed to take some time to interview Escort Ireland’s lovely and popular advertisers, to get to know them on a personal level, and learn more about their experiences.

Sit back, relax and enjoy reading every part of our chat with Angy Mexico!

Angy Mexico

Hi Angy, first of all, thank you so much for agreeing and for taking part in ‘An Interview with…’ How did you get into the world of escorting?

I’ve been living in Spain for more than 15 years now. I had some business there, but the crisis came a few years ago and I had to close everything. The debts made me look for some drastic solution…1 year before the pandemic I decided to do this job living in Spain and working a few months in the USA (Washington DC and NY). It was difficult in the beginning, but I took it with a lot of responsibility and I studied a Master in Sexology (therapy for any sexual issue). I wanted to understand more about sexuality, not judging because we all have a different way to enjoy sex.

Why did you decide to come to Ireland?

I couldn’t travel to USA anymore because they found out I was working in this business, I was deported and then the lockdown for Covid came… A friend advised me about Ireland, then I started coming here twice a year for a couple of months, then I come back home to my normal life.

Have you worked in other countries? If so, what makes Ireland different from other countries?

I don’t like to compare countries because they’re like people, each one is different. I would rather tell you why I like Ireland: First of all it’s a beautiful country, the people here are nice and polite and the economy here is better than in other countries in Europe.

What is the most asked favorites to be provided from your list that clients request?

I don’t have a big list of favorites as you can see. For me sex is not only the physical part, I’m not a porno actress. I live sex, I don’t like to fake it. I connect with people and then we enjoy every second together, so, in the end the good experience and the passion are the most important part and I don’t have them in the list.

What advice would you give to someone who has just arrived in Ireland?

Ireland welcomes everyone, you need to speak English of course, be careful if you decide to work during the night, you have to see this profession as a normal job, put some personal rules and don’t break them, be responsible and treat people the same way you want to be treated.

How would you describe a perfect customer?

Basic things… he has to be a gentleman, respect, hygiene, punctuality, etc. Then the intimacy is different with each person, also different with the same person in another day….

Do you care about reviews?

I didn’t in the beginning because the majority of my clients are married or think their privacy is exposed if they write a review…. Then I asked them if they care about reviews and all of them said YES.
Conclusion: Now I always remind them to write a review, that’s the best gift!

Would you accept a booking with somebody that you knew personally?

I separate my personal life from the job. Not because I judge this profession, it’s because a lot of people are not sexually educated and they see us without respect when they find out about this job.

Do you think there can be friendship between punters and escorts?

Definitely. I have met a lot of interesting and good people in this job. And I can consider a few of them my friends.

Do you find pleasure in this work or is it just work?

I try to enjoy what I do, I try to enjoy the people I meet. The problem is like in any other job, you can not have good clients all the time. That’s why sometimes I’m mean and direct by phone, before I book someone, that’s a filter I use, not always with good results, but I can distinguish a lot of times what kind of person I’m talking with. If I don’t like him because the way he expresses or the way he talks to me, then I decide not to see him in person. I prefer less meetings with people, which allows for more magic moments.

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