An Interview with… Alice Evans!

We’ve taken some time to interview Alice Evans, one of Ireland’s most popular advertisers. Let’s get to know her on a more personal level.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy reading every part of our chat with Alice Evans!

Alice Evans

Hi Alice! Congratulations on winning EOTM again! Hat trick as some posters mentioned. Or shall we say Hot Tricks? 😛

It was an intense competition, but you came out victorious. What would you say to everyone who supported you?

I want to express my immense gratitude for all the people I got to know during the month of July. I thank them for giving me the opportunity to show my potential, I also thank you for all the messages by PM and WhatsApp, I received many, and these messages of support made all the difference, because they were people who really invested their time and money just to get to know me, and I tried to do my best!.

I’m very happy that you support me so much, it’s because of you that I reached the third crown. ❤️

Alice Evans is pure class, and everyone who’s met you or has read your posts on the forum or even your replies to reviews can see that! How did you discover your unique talent for connecting with people on a deeper level and decide to use it as an escort?

Before I started working in this profession I was always a selfless person, It helps me a lot in my work.

When I’m about to meet a client I always imagine myself in his place and I always ask myself the same question: “What if I were him? how would you like to be treated? I tend to be very sensual during a date. It excites me a lot if the person is there it’s because he’s looking for something, and sometimes I need to find out what he wants, while at other times the person says what he would like to do.

I always try to leave the customer at ease and thus try to find out what they are looking for, of course depending on what they are looking for I can deliver, others not, that is why there are several styles of Escort for each audience.

Another point that helps me a lot is persuasion, unlike in my personal life where I tend to be more quiet and reserved in my professional life I am extremely communicative, Alice Evans is a chatterbox!! 😂

One of the favorites that you offer and customers can’t stop talking about is your GFE. Have you ever had an amazing and exciting customer experience that you can share with us?

I love being a girlfriend, I think because I identify a lot with this style, I love everything. It ends up happening very naturally and working out.

I’ve had some very good experiences, of great connection, of having a surreal exchange of energy, of making me feel at ease. Kind of like having met before? It’s even hard to explain about connection because it’s more about how it feels, you know? I think everyone should experience this once in their lifetime.

Have you ever developed a genuine and lasting friendship with a client beyond your professional relationship?

I’ve never had a friendship with a customer to take it into my life, I love them but it’s very important to keep my private life out of it.
The times I tried I regretted it later, I saw that it wasn’t friendship.

Most don’t want friendship lol, at least the ones I’ve known have always been friendships with exchanges of sexual favors, for me a friend doesn’t have sex because one hour or another the friendship ends or he’s my friend or he has sex with me, both can’t. I’m not generalising but that’s what happens.

How do you deal with unexpected jealousy or possessiveness from clients who can become very attached?

Don’t tell me 🤣 unfortunately, I’ve experienced toxic relationships with clients. What we commented on want a “friendship” but no! People totally confuse Alice Evans with my personal life. The customer begins to get involved to the point of calling at any time of day of the week, trying to find out an address, or asking for a personal social network.

I once went on social media and I really regretted it. Today I don’t do it anymore, even though I don’t open it up, they want to take advantage of the time, sometimes it happens that a few minutes pass, but that doesn’t mean it’s a rule. They confuse the fact that I like the company with abusing my work, as much as I love being with my clients, I need to work the rest of the day, or even feed myself, take a shower, or something like that.

Unless accompanying (I) say stay longer! Oh, it’s different. It has happened that the customer is a regular and always comes with you and stays for a few hours and then treats you as if you had bought it. I’m not all the minority who do this, most understand that it’s my job. Alice Evans is a fantasy, I can be part of your fantasy if you want, I can enter your world, but, as soon as my work ends, Alice Evans and the fantasy also end.

I try to have a good relationship with everyone, when I open the door I do my best, I love being a girlfriend! I have a vocation for this but one thing I don’t give up is my freedom, my privacy.

What’s the craziest or most extravagant request you’ve ever received from a customer, and did you fulfill it?

I tend to have my way of working, there are a lot of things I don’t do too.
I really like being their lover, friend, and girlfriend, but sometimes some messages come with funny requests and other bizarre ones.

I don’t like to do anything I don’t feel comfortable with, fetishes like pedophilia are an example, that’s a crime! And it’s not for me, I don’t have the stomach for it. Other than that, there are some fetishes I can perform.

I couldn’t say which was the most bizarre or funny request because maybe I would upset someone reading this, I know this messes with the customer’s imagination so I wouldn’t have the intention of making them feel bad. The only thing I would have no problem exposing and saying is bizarre and sick are fetishes like pedophilia, zoophilia, and the like.

What was the most touching testimonial or feedback you received from a client about the impact you had on his life?

Fortunately, in my work, I’ve had the opportunity to hear wonderful things, not only because of the times people tell me but also because when they show it with actions, I can see in their eyes that I could make their day happier. I see a smile on your face, and that makes me happy too ❤️ Many travel for hours just to see me, go where I am, and respect me.

I’ve had the opportunity to hear from several people that I improved their day, week, high self-esteem, confidence, or that I was their birthday present, that’s very special to hear. Makes me feel more encouraged for sure!

As a resident of São Paulo and Ireland, do you master the art of sipping a “caipirinha” pretending it’s just a refreshing drink to survive the rainy days in Ireland?

I love Caipirinha 🥳!! But I’m not one to drink a lot, here in Ireland I didn’t have the opportunity to taste it and to be honest to survive on rainy days I end up attacking chocolates 😂😂

If you could create a reality show with Irish leprechauns visiting São Paulo during Carnival, what hilarious shenanigans would they do?

Just imagining the scene would be so hilarious. But certainly, between the shenanigans, they would have to samba a lot! (I would put on a good carnival samba and they would have to dance) 😂

What values or principles do you believe were essential for your success and how do you guarantee your loyalty to them both in your personal and professional life?

Perseverance, humility, and constancy! Of course, nobody can be strong every day, there are days when I don’t feel well, and those days are very important too, they are necessary! But I try to do everything right, always recognizing what I deserve and never forgetting my roots too.

What’s the funniest or most bizarre rumor you’ve heard about yourself, and how did you react to it?

A recent one and this year! I won’t mention names here so as not to spoil the audience, but I believe that some here already have the knowledge of a bitter person who stays behind a computer being a coward and talking bad about Escorts.

Well, he posted on Twitter that I changed sex, that I was born a man and had surgery! Me reading this nonsense knowing I already have a son, I’m a miracle of science 🤣🤣🤣 And to tell you the truth, this person did not offend me at all! I wish I had a penis, I would make a lot more money 🤑 But anyone who knows me knows this is a lie.

You have a lot of regular customers, how do you keep things fresh and interesting for you and your customers?

Fortunately, I have some rules, as I’m always on tour, I believe that every time I go back somewhere it’s always something new, there’s no way to fall into a routine, but those I end up seeing more often, I always try to surprise with good sexy lingerie!

I prepare myself as if you are really on a date because it really is, I will wait for you with some pampering and a lot of good conversation, to be a perfect girlfriend.

As an escort, do you have a preferred type of client or a specific type of engagement that you find most enjoyable?

I have! Hygiene for me is essential, I can’t keep a regular customer if they don’t have hygiene.

Knights! Customers who like to receive affection and also give, understand? I prefer to meet with people who are willing to give and receive, create connections, and want to have fun.

Have you ever faced uncomfortable or unsafe situations at work and how did you deal with them?

Yes! Unsafe situations here in Ireland were rare as I don’t like to stay anywhere for work. Uncomfortable situations were with rude people, insistent with things I don’t feel comfortable with, or wanting to take advantage of, I always try to get around the situation if that happens, I try to be polite and set limits.

What role do you think escort services play in addressing loneliness or social isolation in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world?

his is one of the oldest professions in the world.

And this exchange of momentary happiness lasts until today, in the times in which we live. Many clients look for sex professionals to talk to, have company at business dinners, trips, more and more people are feeling lonely and depressed, and the companion manages to bring these sensations back to that person’s life for a few hours.

Each girl will have a work style, so it’s important to read the girl’s profile first. Reading her profile will make it easier for you to choose what you are looking for. The companions value their precious time and also adjust their price to the social class they want to reach, always improving and always having a differentiated service.

We have an important role, people like to feel welcome, well treated, they want to feel good about themselves and I do that.

If you could demystify a common misconception about the escort profession, what would it be?

I’m not sure if this would be the answer to this question, but a big mistake is that some people think that we are different from a normal woman, for example:

That we don’t eat, that we don’t feel sleepy, that we don’t get tired, that we don’t feel pain, that we are a machine, or that we don’t have a family 😆 I think this, in my view, is a misconception that many people make about the profession.

What was the funniest icebreaker you ever used to ease the awkwardness during your first meeting with a new client?

Several situations but one was when I worked at a sensual massage spa, a client was lying down waiting to receive the massage, and I slipped on the oil I was on the floor and fell with my butt on the floor naked. Totally broke the sensual mood there.

There wasn’t much to do but laugh at the situation and joke about it until I got in the mood again.

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever believed?

When I was a child I believed a lot in the things I was told, like drinking water from a big spoon would make my breasts grow, I was 9 when I did things like that because all the girls my age did those silly things.

What did you want to achieve by doing this interview?

An interview is always great to show a little of me, to demystify things, of course not everyone is the same, there are people who have a preconceived opinion about something or someone, and this is natural for human beings, I also like things differently and no one has to agree on anything.

This interview is because I was Escort of The Month, I respect other people’s opinions, the only thing I don’t agree with is using the internet to belittle someone’s work if they are an escort.

Several girls and I live very intense things, we go through good things and things that cost us psychologically, these nasty comments are not fair, neither with those who win nor with those who did not. We work with something very intimate (which is sexuality). Only Escorts know what we go through on a daily basis.

I speak for myself, only I know how difficult it is to find a good place and pay dearly, invest in clothes, accessories, perfume, and everything to be impeccable, and deliver a job with excellence. Sometimes I’m always changing cities, and sometimes there’s not much time left to eat, it’s happened to work with pain and a smile on my face.

I’ve been on this walk for a while now, and I’m trying hard for it. This competition was very fierce because they were two very good and hardworking girls, it would not be surprising if it was one or the other. This interview was also great because here is also a great way to thank people who passed through my life and who maybe I won’t have the opportunity to thank personally.

I hope I can thank each of you personally! But if not, all my gratitude to you ❤️

It was an absolute pleasure To interview Alice Evans. This is probably the longest one we’ve done! And it was so fun and insightful.

Thank you very much Alice for allowing us to have a glimpse at your life, your accomplishments, and your struggles.


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