A Mushroom Can Give Women Spontaneous Orgasms!

We can all get a little fussy when it comes to food. We have certain things that we just don’t want anywhere near our plates, and we might even pick them out of a meal if we discover them hiding beneath the layers of delicious food… but it seems that we might have a reason to be enjoying mushrooms more, and that is because of the promise of orgasms!

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Yes, you did read that correctly. It seems that there is a mushroom out there that can actually make women feel incredibly aroused, and some of them even report having a spontaneous orgasm… all from just a sniff. So, who else is going to be adding this to all of their food?

All in the name of science!

People do some pretty strange things “in the name of science”. In fact, people do some really strange things to try and learn a little bit more about our bodies and the impact that sex has on them. There have been studies to suggest that we can actually experience postcoital dysphoria” (the post-sex blues) if we don’t have the kind of satisfying sex we were hoping for.

There have also been studies telling us that people who have more sex tend to be in higher paid jobs, and ones saying that women are actually wanting to have more sex than they are getting. Gentlemen, take note.

Even porn isn’t sacred, with pretty much a new study every few months to condemn porn and make out that watching porn can turn you into an addict or a pervert who does strange things in public because porn corrupted your mind. The key word is “can”, but that doesn’t stop others from condemning porn.

Every single part of our sex lives have been put under the microscope, and yet we want to know more. We want to discover more things to make sex better, whether it is the right kind of candle to burn to set the mood, the best positions, or even the way we conduct foreplay to make our partner writhe in ecstasy on the bed. Yet after all of this time, money, and hours of research, it seems that all we really need is a certain kind of mushroom to sniff in bed.

Inducing spontaneous orgasms

It was back in 2001 that the scientists John C Holliday and Noah Soule first discovered something surprising about a type of fungus that only grows on the 600 to 1,000 year old lava flows of Haiwaii. They knew the fungus’ reputation but, of course, they wanted to test it for themselves.

Local lore suggested that the fungus, which was bright orange, was thought to have a reputation as a “potent female aphrodisiac when smelled”, and so they were eager to put it to the test.

The men wanted to see just what the smell did to us. Would it make us hornier than ever, or would it simply have us wrinkling our noses in disgust? At first the results weren’t hopefully, as the men they asked to sniff the mushroom simply said that it was horrid and that they didn’t want to go near it.

Then they asked the women to smell it. Given how the men reacted, the scientists were clinging to that thin thread of hope that women would react differently… and they did. They discovered that, not only did the women report feeling highly aroused, but about half of them actually had a spontaneous orgasm… all from a long, hard sniff of a mushroom.

Sharing the news

News as big as this is obviously meant to be shared with the world, and so the men published their findings in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, describing exactly what happened.

They say that the “newly found tropical Dictyophora” showed “there are significant sexual arousal characteristics present”, and so this is definitely a fungus that we should be interested in. Why? Well, it seems that the compounds found in the spores of the fungus might be very similar to the neurotransmitters that humans release during sexual encounters.

What does that mean? Well, this ancient fungus might actually be more similar to the way our bodies react during sex than we might like to think, and it might even help us to understand how sex works a little better.

For some reason this research has pretty much gone unnoticed for fourteen years, and now people are raving about it. You can bet that there will be an influx of studies hoping to examine how our bodies react during sex, and seeing if the mushrooms can help mimic that. We also suspect people will be buying a lot of mushrooms

A rare find

If you’re anything like me, you’ll at least be a little bit curious about the mushroom. You might want to sniff it or see how it changes your partner when you waft it under their nose, but before you go running off to your local store to see if they have it, it doesn’t look as though it will appearing anytime soon.

The mushroom is both rare and hard to find, making it difficult for you to add it to a mushroom risotto in the hope of giving your date at dinner a spontaneous orgasm.

Of course, that just means you are going to have to do it the old fashioned way, by going down on her and eating her out the way she deserves to be eaten out. Trust us, it will be so much more rewarding in the long run.

What do you think about this mysterious mushroom? Would you volunteer to give it a sniff, or are you perfectly happy to enjoy sex and orgasms the more traditional way? The comment box below gives you the chance to have your say, and you can join in the discussion on the Escort Ireland forum.

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