A Look at Impotence- Causes and Cures

For a man, impotency can prove to be one of the leading causes of depression and shame. Impotency occurs when a man is unable to maintain an erection at a time when he is sexually aroused, which leads to a failure to maintain sexual performance. An erection occurs when a man is sexually aroused, at which blood is pumped in to the man’s penis, causing it to become erect. There are small bodies similar to sponges within the penis, which retain the blood, hence causing a man to maintain an erection. To date, there have been numerous causes that have been reported which lead to male impotency. Impotency ultimately leads to sexual failure and the failure to produce children, which can cause a very big problem in a man’s marriage.

For a man who is suffering from impotency, there are a number of different things that can go wrong. First of all, the ability to maintain an erection is very important for a man, since it is the source of fulfilling a woman’s needs. Obviously, you need to have the sex factor in any relationship so as to maintain it properly, and if the man is incapable of fulfilling these basest of needs for his woman, then it is very likely that the relationship will not last very long. So, here are some of the most common causes and cures of impotency:

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Heart related causes: For men who are suffering from diabetes or other heart related problems, maintaining an erection can become troublesome. Diabetes for instance, narrows the arteries, which in turn damages the nervous system and makes it more troublesome for the people to get proper blood flow in all parts of their body. As a result, this causes more damage when your heart is pumping furiously, since the arteries are very narrow. Hence, it might be a lot more difficult for men to maintain an erection if they are suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Weight related issues: One of the primary causes of impotency is a person’s lifestyle. If you are overweight and your body does not get much exercise, it is all the more likely that you will become impotent. Your lifestyle plays a very important role in determining whether you will be able to maintain an erection or not. If a person’s lifestyle is not very mobile, and often relates to heavy drinking, then it is all the more likely that he will not be able to maintain an erection.

The most important thing to keep in mind here is that heavy drinking is one of the most common causes of impotency. For a man who drinks heavily, it is likely that he/ she will be suffering from a liver disease, which will hamper their ability to maintain an erection. This condition is known as ‘brewer’s droop. Smoking is also one of the leading causes of impotency; people who smoke excessively often damage their ability to maintain an erection for a longer period of time.

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Lower levels of testosterone: Lower levels of testosterone amongst men are one of the leading causes of impotency, and it also significantly reduces a man’s libido, virtually killing it. Lower levels of testosterone are often caused due to hormonal imbalances, as well as leading a sedentary lifestyle. If you want to keep your hormones in check, make sure that your diet is proper, and that you are taking a good meal.

Psychological factors: One of the most common causes of impotency is depression; a psychological factor. If you are not sure of yourself, feeling down or low, impotency can happen. Then, this results in a vicious cycle for a man, because if you are depressed due to the fact that you are becoming impotent, very few things can actually help you in maintaining an erection.


Now that we have established the major causes, it is time to look at the cures that can be used to treat impotency. Here are a few:

Viagra: Easily one of the most common cures used to treat erectile dysfunction, the first oral medication released to treat this condition is also the most commonly used across the globe. Viagra, or sildenafil as it is also known, is used the world over by people who are unable to maintain an erection for a consistent period of time. Viagra is easily available in the market from various brands. Even though the original was released by Pfizer, many other pharmaceutical companies have followed suit and released their own versions, which are considerably cheaper. For anybody who is looking for a quickie, taking oral medication such as Viagra is a good option, though it might not be the most long term solution.

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Psychological Treatment: At least ninety percent of the men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can be treated using psychological methods. One of the leading causes of impotency, as mentioned above, relates to the psychology of a person. Therefore, the best option is to go for psychological treatment. Psychological treatment is important for people who have this feeling that there isn’t anything wrong with their bodies, medically speaking, and the only thing that is keeping them down is the depression in their minds. There are effective ways to kill depression, and by going for psychological treatment, a person can easily cure their erectile dysfunction.

Surgery: For people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction primarily due to blocked arteries or veins in the region, it is a wise idea to opt for surgery. Surgery can open the veins in your pubic region which are hindering the flow of blood, and help you feel more relaxed and at ease with yourself. Surgical processes are simple and quite effective, and with technology improving consistently in the long run, they are becoming all the more popular amongst the people.

These are some of the common causes of impotency, as well as the ways by which they can be cured, so for a person who is suffering from impotency, it is not at all difficult to get these matters resolved.

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