The Ultimate Guide To Spanking!

Being on your knees waiting for the moment he decides to do it. That few seconds where the adrenaline travels your full body and your heart goes faster, just expecting it to come. Then, suddenly, there it is, that sweet spank, painful but relieving. It makes you moan in satisfaction and lets you finally breath, but is so hurtfully delicious that not even one second later, you are begging for the next one.

Woman being spanked over mans knee

Spanking is one of the most used tabooed experiences and it doesn’t even need to be done while having sex. Who doesn’t like a discreet bottom smack while no one can see you and your lover?

But, who am I trying to fool? Spanks while having sex are just delicious!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a vanilla sex lover, or if you’re into BSDM, spanking offers such a large variety of performances that everybody can find their own perfect type. If you have never tried spanking before, here are a few details about it that will make you want to try it right now!

1. Who are we to gainsay science?

In the ABC of sex, the term spanking means to strike someone with an open hand, normally on the bum. But why should a painful practice give us any pleasure?

Apart from our tastes, fantasies and desires, it’s scientifically proved that spanking, when done softly, can turn you completely on. We shouldn’t forget that the spank is normally given on the ass, a place really close to our erogenous zone, making it shake, giving you a delicious vibration in the middle of your legs.

Moreover, when spanking, most of your blood supply concentrates in your bum, making the area much more sensitive to any kind of touch, caress and also to the (so awaited) next spank.

Also, this mischief creates an intimate and accomplice connection in the couple that you should really experience.

2. You’ve been a very bad guy

Spanking is normally known as the first step to a harder kind of sex. However, if you’re not interested in hard sex, or BSDM practices, no worries, you can still write spanking in your “to-do” list.

Spanking is great for any kind of role plays where there’s a dominant and a submissive. The opportunities here are infinite: from school student–teacher to nurse-patient, there are hundreds of situations you could perform. Adding a soft spanking to it will make it a very intense experience.

And who knows? You may discover the naughty person hidden inside you.

3. What’s your weapon of choice?

Even though the common way of spanking is with the hands, there are no rules written about it.

If hand spanking isn’t enough for your horny moment, you can start adding other objects to inflict more agreeable pain. Start with normal objects you will find at home, like a wooden spoon or a measuring ruler. Here’s the moment to set your mind free. For instance you can combine it with other fetishes you may have; how does some heeled shoes spanking sound?

Once you get some experience in spanking, you may want to go to the next level and start using professional objects originally designed for spanking. Nowadays there are lots of possibilities to get a good whip, you can get them in a sex-shop or even order them from Internet. Remember to go gradually when choosing the toy, from the less painful ones, to the hardest. Trying one too hard in the beginning could make you say no to spanking forever, and that would be a real shame.

4. Always have a safe word

People tend to be scared when they hear about the term “safe word”. Even if you are not going to have any risky practice, having a safe word is always very useful.

Imagine you are having a role play policeman-detainee. It’s normal in the role play begging the policeman to stop, even though your hardest desire is him to keep on spanking you. What if your lover gets worried about you and really stops it? Or, what if it’s hurting too much but your partner thinks is part of the game? Having a safe word is always useful and is also a fun topic to discuss.

If you don’t have anybody to try this kinky experience with, you may want to visit some dominatrix dungeon and get a little taste of it. You won’t regret it.

Practicing spanking has nothing to do with mistreating anyone. However, if it’s not your partner you are going to try it with, or if it’s the first time you are going to try it with her, you should speak about it first and discuss your limits(this is the perfect moment to choose you safe word). Once this is done, get a taste from the forbidden fruit and enjoy the incredible pleasure you can find in pain.

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