A Common Sense Look at Prostitution

In a rare twist to the typical narrative of mainstream media, the IrishExaminer has today published a column taking an honest, seemingly unbiased look at prostitution. The thought-provoking column was written by Suzane Harrington, and is a welcome break from the suffocating stance usually adopted by the mainstream press.

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As Suzanne rightfully points out, prostitution has been around for as long as humans have. It doesn’t end with a simple legislative change. And many of the issues it presents are augmented by the resistance to openly discuss prostitution as a legitimate profession – to work out the differences and attain some middle ground, between its dark past and the naïve preoccupation with its complete eradication.

Protection, Not Criminalisation

In her column, she ultimately posits the question: “As a society, are we ready to suspend our value judgements for this line of work and just view it as another form of self-employment, where workers need some form of legislative protection rather than patchy criminalisation?”

Whilst the road to finding the answer is a long and arduous one, we believe it is possible and, with an unbiased perspective leant by mainstream media, a more general acceptance of prostitution is inevitable. So we’re with you Suzane – it’s time we stop being misguided by past ideas of morality, and engage in a more honest and open discourse about the sex industry.

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3 thoughts on “A Common Sense Look at Prostitution”

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