7 Types of Kisses | Have You Experienced Them?

Kissing is something everyone does and there are different types of kisses. Whether it’s small pecks or deep, intense kisses that you could disappear into, they are a huge part of our lives. So much so that there are far more than just one type of kiss out there. In fact, there are as much as nine which most Irish people will have experienced at some point in their lives, sometimes without even noticing.

Lovers about to kiss each other with passion and love. Romantic couple kissing against brown background.

For those wishing to up their kissing game and learn all about why it’s so important in sex and relationships, read on to find out what else you can learn.

Kissing and intimacy

From the moment we are born, kissing is one of the first ways we experience human connection. With platonic kisses from friends and family, to those more sensuous kisses with lovers, each one acts as a form of physical and emotional connection between people. It’s a big part of the path towards falling in love, as some kisses can show you how your partner truly feels about you with the different types of kisses they give you.

This intimacy is a huge reason why many escorts don’t like certain types of kisses with punters, but there are some more sexy, strings-free kisses you can try with anyone who wants to. Remember, kisses don’t always need to be planted on the lips.

#1 The First Kiss

Everyone has a first kiss, and almost everyone can remember it with incredible clarity. For many, the first kiss is a romantic milestone which marks the start of a lifelong sexual awakening. For others, it’s a peck in spin the bottle, or a kiss shared between curious friends who just want to get it out of the way.

                In any case, you only get one first kiss, and it’s one that you can learn from. For your next one, it’s likely that you’ll have progressed onto one of our other kisses on this list. You’ll already know by now that they get way better- and way more adventurous- through the years.

#2 French Kiss

When you were younger, you’ll surely have heard about rumours in the school gossip mill of who was the first to have a French kiss. It’s one that has been written about in coming of age books, and talked about endlessly in teenage chick-flicks, but there’s far more to it than early fantasies. Though it’s a classic, it’s one of the most indulged-in kisses of all time, and almost every adult will admit to loving it.

                This is because the French Kiss has the perfect mix of sensuality and intimacy. It’s a great way to get closer to your partner, while also heating up the mood to move onto something more raunchy.

#3 The Licked Face

There is always room for comedy in kissing. Combining the two means that more endorphins will be released when you’re with someone, leading to happier, longer, and healthier relationships with both friends and partners.

                One of the greatest examples of kisses like this is the Licked Face Kiss. This is one you might get from your pet dog more than with people. Though silly (and a little gross), it’s a way of showing someone how comfortable you are with them. You can also easily put your own sensual spin on this kiss for when things move to the bedroom.

#4 Lovely Kiss

There are some kisses which are saved purely for the bedroom, and others which are used to show someone your feelings. This types of kisses is for those who have been in loving relationships before, the Lovely Kiss is surely one you’ll have come by.

                Somewhere between a small peck and a light, French Kiss, it is usually accompanied by nose brushes and plenty of cuddles. You might be used to having them when cheering a partner up, when saying goodnight, or purely because you want to show someone you love them. Either way, they’re called lovely kisses for a reason; you should hope to enjoy infinite amounts of these in your lifetime.

#5 Vampire Kiss

Kissing doesn’t always happen with one pair of lips on another, and the Vampire Kiss is a perfect example of this. Though it’s a comical name, it’s one of the sexiest kisses anyone can enjoy. It is called a Vampire Kiss because it involves light nibbling or sucking of someone’s neck, which from a distance looks like you’re biting someone.

                It’s one that sounds way less romantic than it is, but it’s a versatile kiss that can also be used to add an extra layer of intimacy during sex. Those of you that love this kiss the most will know how easy it is to get carried away. Just remember to keep sucking to a minimum if you want to escape without any hickies.

#6 The Stolen Kiss

Easily one of the most ambiguous, the Stolen Kiss is one that everyone has had, even if they don’t think they have. It is called stolen because it takes people by surprise; in movies, they almost always happen between people in a sudden moment of passion, who haven’t yet admitted their feelings to one another.

                It comes in many different ways, from your partner giving you a kiss on your forehead when you are fast asleep, to them stealing a small peck from you when you least expect it. However, the most romantic version of the bunch is when someone comes over to surprise you with a long, powerful kiss which leaves you lost for words.

#7 The Quick Kiss

Of all kisses, the Quick Kiss is the most underrated. This might be because it usually doesn’t lead into a more intimate sexual experience. The thing is that it is also the kiss we experience the most. Also known as a peck, they are given when a couple has no time to delve into deeper affections, but when they still want to show someone their feelings. They are small, but they mean a lot to people.

                Quick Kisses have become even more important to do in recent years, as people become busier with work commitments and have little time for love. If this is a kiss you notice yourself doing less, make a conscious effort to do it more. This types of kisses only takes a millisecond, and is sure to make all the difference.

Trying something new

It could be that you’re a practiced kisser who has much to teach someone else, or that you’re a novice that wants to learn more. In any case, the art of kissing is not one which comes naturally to everyone. In this case, practice makes perfect, and it’s never too late to hone your kissing skills. With this in mind, don’t be scared to try something new.

Just remember that you might not get it right the first time, but that you’re bound to add a new dimension to your sexual relationships the more you practice. It might even help to have someone to guide you along on your kissing journey, so why not bring it up at your next meeting?


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