6 Tricks To Sending The Hottest Sexts!

Sometimes we want to tease and tempt our partner when we are away from them. Often we’ll want to send them a few saucy sexts to put them in the mood, but figuring out the right thing to say can be difficult. Some people opt to simply send emojis and be done with it, while others might go for a dick pic.

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You can do better than that, especially if you use these six tricks below to help you send the hottest sexts. It’s easier than it seems, so take a look and see what kinky things you might be sending.

1. Clear your schedule

While it might seem like a fantastic idea to surprise them with some sexting fun, it might not always be a good time. So if you do plan to enjoy a hot sext session, make the time for it first. You don’t want to send a hot message to kick things off only to get interrupted.

Talk to your partner and arrange the perfect time to text. Make sure you are both free, that you aren’t expecting any calls or visitors, and you’ll find that it is a lot better for you. The pair of you will be relaxed and at ease with each other, so you can get a lot more into it!

Tell your partner to clear their schedule for sexting... it'll turn them on and give them something to look forward to!
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2. Leave emojis out of it

A lot of people will decide that writing things down in a sext is tough. They don’t know what to say, or that feel that writing words like “cock”, “tits”, or “pussy” is too much. So they’ll avoid using them… or they’ll start adding things like emojis to the mix.

Emojis are great for sending to your friends… the winky face when you tell a joke to make sure they get it. But if you are trying to sext with someone, there is no bigger turn off than getting a message that says “I can’t wait to stick my [eggplant] in your [peach]”.

It just doesn’t work. It seems like a cop-out. If you can’t be bothered writing the actual words, how do we know that you will put the effort in to turn us on properly? So skip the emojis.

If you want to tell them how hard your dick is - tell them! Don't hide behind emojis
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3. Let it happen naturally

We know why we start sexting. We want to have phone sex, to describe perfectly what we would do to each other if we were together. But most of all we are really keen to get to the climax. We want to orgasm and feel how intense it is after such a long foreplay, which is effectively what sexting is.

Try not to rush it. We get it, that you want to get to the textual fucking, but jumping from “I’m so horny right now” to “I love the feel of your cunt on my cock” is a bit much. If you want to get the most enjoyment from it, you will let it happen naturally without rushing it. Take your time and you’ll find that it is a hell of a lot more fun!

There's being literal and then there's being too literal
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4. Make it about them, not you

A lot of people make the same mistake when it comes to sexting. They’ll say things like “what would you do to me if you were here?” and follow it up with “what would you do next?”. They make it about them, and while you are involved in it, it shouldn’t be about your needs.

Instead, making your sexts about the person you are messaging. Tell them what you would do to them, going into as much detail as you can without leaving a ridiculously long message to do so.

It works better if you make it into a conversation. Give your partner time to respond. Try saying things like “I’d slowly kiss my way down your body, letting my lips linger on your sensitive nipples”. Your partner can then explain their reaction and what they might do with their hands.

Get descriptive when sexting, and make sure your messages are about the person you are messaging
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5. Get a little kinky

One of the best things about sending some hot sexts is that you can explore new things in the bedroom without getting too far out of your comfort zone. It is the perfect place for you to talk about your fetishes, so don’t be afraid of getting a little kinky and dirty during your talk.

You can test the waters. For example, if you have a foot fetish you can say “I’d massage down your legs, stopping at your feet” and see how they react. If they react positively, you could go on to tell them how much you love their beautiful feet, and how much they turn you on. If they don’t? You can move on to something else without being too worried about the reaction.

Getting kinky during your sext session is fun - you get to try new things will less pressure
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6. Don’t send dick pics

Run out of things to say? Do not – I repeat – do not send a dick pic to replace your words. Dick pics aren’t something you should send, unless asked to. If your partner has asked for it then great! If not? Put it away.

You are supposed to be sending sexts. Sexting means sexy texting. It’s dirty talk, and while it can be fun to send pictures back and forth, it isn’t what sending sexts is about. So stick to words and save the pics for another time.

How to sext - no surprise dick pics!
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The hottest sexts you’ve received

Of course, the key to knowing about the best things to send in a sext is to think back on your own experiences. What got you off? Which sexts did you read and instantly start reaching for your cock to jerk you off? The chances are that those messages will have followed the tricks above.

Why not share some of the kinkiest things you’ve heard in the comment box below? You can find some great advice from others to help.

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