6 Amazing Cowgirl Variations You Have To Try!

Everybody has their favourite sex position, but if we look at the top three we’ll see that cowgirl is one of them, alongside doggy and missionary. It’s a fun position that gives the woman the chance to take control, but even when this position can get a little stale.

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If you are a fan of the cowgirl position then this is the blog for you. We talk you through why this position is one of our favourites and offer you six different variations on it to ensure you never get bored in the bedroom.

1. The classic cowgirl

The girl on top, or cowgirl, position is a classic for a reason. It puts the woman in total control while the man lies back and enjoys the show. She gets to set the pace, choosing when to go hard and when to simply tease and drive her partner wild.

The classic position is fantastic, especially if you want to enjoy a more intimate position. You are face-to-face with your partner, and they’ll be able to see every single reaction on your face. It’s ideal for slow, sensual kisses and really slowing down sex.

The cowgirl is a classic for a reason
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2. The crab

The crab is sometimes referred to as the joystick joyride, but the picture should make it clear that this is a great girl on top position. It is ideal for those with knee problems, whether that is stamina maintaining the position or simply bad knees that make kneeling impossible.

It allows your partner to take it ease a little as they lean back, but this doesn’t mean it’ll be any less pleasurable. In fact, you’ll be in the perfect position to thrust up and hit their g-spot! You can also reach down to stimulate their clit, which could lead to an intense orgasm!

The crab is a great variation for weak knees
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3. The rider

If you find that you get carried away with thrusting while your partner is on top, the rider position is the perfect solution. It will give you a great view and keep her in control, but the position will also make it difficult for you to thrust too hard or deeply.

It means that your partner can relax a little. They get more control than ever, so you are completely at her mercy. Your hands are free to either support her or to play with her body as you see fit.

The rider is perfect for controlling penetration
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4. Side straddle

Sex isn’t all about deep thrusts and the constant in and out movement. Sometimes, you’ll find that grinding on that cock provides just the right kind of stimulation to get you both off, and the side straddle position allows for this.

It’ll be easier to penetrate her deeply in this position, but you’ll find it much more enjoyable to let her grind and swirl on your dick. She’ll feel supported in this position to allows herself to go wild, without as much risk to you. It’s a fun position for spicing things up.

Be a lady in the side straddle position
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5. Straddle his saddle

One of the best things about the girl on top position is that you and your partner can kiss while you fuck. In many of the variations above, it is difficult to do this. However, this one brings it all back. By sitting and having your partner straddle you, she is in control, but you can still kiss.

It makes for an incredibly intimate sex position, and you might just find that your hot and steamy sex session turns into something more sensual. She can go as hard or fast as she likes, and she might just slow things down to try and tease you more and make you beg for it.

Want to get closer? This position is the best solution
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6. Reclined crouching tiger

There are so many variations on the cowgirl position that it can be difficult to know which to try. However, the reclined crouching tiger has many of the things we love. It has rear entry, puts your partner in control, and is ideal for g-spot stimulation. What more could you ask for?

It’s a little more challenging to get into this position, but you’ll find that it is totally worth it. With your feet planted on the floor you’ve also got a solid base to push up from if you want to thrust deep inside of her. You can also reach around to rub her clit or watch as she does it for you.

This is the perfect cowgirl variation for g-spot stimulation
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Your favourite sex positions

We all have our favourite sex positions, but when it gets a little stale it can help to find some variations. Hopefully you’ll find a variation on the girl on top position above that you love and can’t wait to try.

Got a few suggestions of your own? Leave a comment below. Tell us about your favourite position and why it ticks all of the boxes.

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