5 Ways To Explore Your Foot Fetish

When people hear foot fetish they immediately jump to the idea of having someone put their feet on someone’s cock and jerking them off. They can’t think of anything else that they can do with their feet to turn you on.

5 Ways To Explore Your Foot Fetish

There are so many different things that you can do with a foot fetish. It doesn’t have to be all foot jobs. They are a fun part of it, but you’ll find that it is much more enjoyable if you try other things. Here on the Escort Ireland blog we take a look at five ways you can explore your fetish for feet.

1. Foot massage

Those keen to begin exploring just how much this fetish turns them on. You’ll want to get hands on with feet first just to see what it is like. You can do this by giving your partner a sexy foot massage.

The key here is to be firm with each touch. Light touches can tickle, so if you are keen to show them how much you love their feet a massage is a great thing to do. It can also help to ease them into it if they aren’t sure how best to help you enjoy the fetish.

Start by giving them a slow and sensual leg massage. You can start to work your way down to their feet to see how they feel about it. If they seem comfortable with it then you can continue. Work your thumb slowly into the arch of their foot and it’ll leave them feeling fantastic.

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2. A foot spa

This is an essential to do if you want to move onto more exciting things with a foot fetish, but you’ll find that a foot massage doesn’t always cut it. You want to do more, and in order to do this you’ll need to make sure your partner’s feet are clean.

That might not sound very appealing to you. In fact you might think it sounds boring. But when done properly, giving your partner a foot spa can be a huge turn on.

You will know exactly what you are cleaning their feet for. This will make your rock hard as you gently wash their feet. Plus the attentiveness you show to them will make them excited for what is going to come next!

Make sure you wash their feet slowly. It’ll be a tease for them and for you and you’ll find that you both love it.

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3. Foot worship

Once your partner is comfortable with you touching their feet you can take it to the next level. You can start by slowly kissing your way down their legs. When you get to their feet pepper them with light kisses to leave them feeling good.

From there you can move onto other things. Why not run your tongue slowly over the length of their foot? If they seem to enjoy it and encourage you to do more, then you can try sucking their toes.

You don’t have to do this, but many with a fetish for feet find that they cannot resist it. They want to taste their partner’s feet and show how much they love them.

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4. Trampling

If you are into BDSM then this is the perfect thing for you to do. You can lie down for your partner and allow them to walk all over you… literally. It’ll feel amazing for the pair of you and she’ll love this kinky twist to your fetish.

To start with simply lie on the bed and let them use their feet on your back. They might simply pat their feet up and down your back so that they don’t put too much to pressure on you while you get used to it.

Found that you can handle it? They might then put on some sexy heels for you. It’ll feel amazing and their feet will look incredible while they do it. Perfect for a kinky twist.

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5. Foot job

Now we get to the ultimate fantasy for those with a foot fetish. The foot job. The foot job is going to feel amazing to you, especially if you have already given them a nice spa treatment. Their feet will feel incredibly soft after this treatment, and they’ll love the idea of wrapping their feet around your cock.

You can start by playing footsie together. They can slide their feet slowly up the inside of their leg and see what it does to you. Then they can try teasing your cock.

The best way to do this is to get them to put their feet together and form a hole. You can then slip your cock inside of the gap and thrust gently. With their hands they can then gently tease your balls while you fuck their feet. It is a hell of a way to do it!

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Exploring your foot fetish

These are just five of the different things you can do with your foot fetish, but there are so many other things that you can do. Hopefully you are feeling a little inspired by the suggestions above. If not, why not check out the comment sections?

The comments below is the perfect place to go other ideas. You can hear about what others do with their feet, so what are you waiting for? Give us your suggestions!

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