5 Tips For Improving Your Escort Profile

The internet has revolutionised the escorting industry. Now, instead of advertising on the backpage of a magazine, you can simply head to an escort directory and set up a profile. Creating an escort profile is easy when you know how… but deciding what to include in your escort profile can prove to be difficult.

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There are plenty of things that you might want to say, and you may feel unsure of what you are supposed to put. Here on the Escort Ireland forum we take a look at five tips you need to help improve your escort profile and make it is appealing as possible!

1. A picture paints a thousand words

They say that a picture paints a thousand words, and it is true. When clients are taking a look at the different profiles, the first thing that will draw them in is the pictures. Here on Escort Ireland you have have a photo gallery for them to look at, but you’ll want to save the best picture for the main image.

See if you can arrange to have a professional photo shoot done. Professional shoots are often the best way for you to get great pictures, and they also add a touch of class to your profile. If you check out the most reviewed escorts, you’ll see that many of them have had photo shoots.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few other pictures in there. Some clients enjoy seeing the mix of professional photographs and amateur photographs, as it gives them a good idea of what you are actually like.

Another thing that you should absolutely do is get your pictures verified. When you get your photos verified, you’ll get a green tick on your profile. This tells clients that you have verified with the Escort Ireland team that you do look like this, and tells clients looking at your profile that what they see is what they get.

2. Accuracy is important

In your profile there is an area for you to give the essential information that others look for. This will include the type of profile you have (escort, massage, dominatrix), your age, and information about your appearance.

This can really help clients get to know you better. Pictures are great, but they don’t necessarily tell you the full story. For example, it can be difficult to tell just how tall you are, whether you are a smoker, and your sexuality from the pictures. Adding these details can help to make sure your clients know exactly what they are getting.

Try to make sure that the information you give is accurate. If you don’t, it might mean that you and your potential clients aren’t right for each other. You want to list your attributes as they are, as these are the things that your clients will find most attractive about you.

3. What do you say?

While the vital statistics are useful to clients, many also take the time to read your introduction. The introduction gives you the chance to say what is on your mind, and to let clients know what you are like. Punters get to know your personality a little better in the introduction, as you can show how charming, funny, and intelligent you are.

You can go into more details about your statistics here. For example, if you are a tall, slim, blonde escort, tell them that. If you are an exotic beauty from Spain, let them know.

The introduction is also a good place to talk about the things that you do not enjoy. For example, don’t be afraid to say that hygiene is a top priority for you, or that you would like to be told if your client is going to be late. It shows them what behaviour is and isn’t acceptable before they even ring you to arrange a meet. This helps you build a fantastic relationship with respect for each other.

4. Choosing favourites

There are plenty of different favourites for you to choose from, and not all of them will suit you. However, sometimes escorts can be tempted to list all of the favourites on their profile so that clients, when using the escort search, will be directed to their profile a lot.

However, this puts clients off. To put it one way, they would like to spend their time with a master of certain things, rather than a Jack of all trades. When choosing your favourites, look for the things that you really enjoy doing. If you don’t enjoy it too much, consider leaving it off of your list.

Remember, if you have included something on the list and believe that it may not be for you when you meet your client, you do not have to share that experience together. Everything is at your discretion, but you’ll find that things go a lot smoother if you stick to putting the things that you really do enjoy on your profile.

5. To allow reviews or not?

Reviews are an important part of the escorting industry. They allow clients to have their say about their favourite escorts, sharing their experiences and letting others know why you are the escort to meet. However, not everybody enjoy receiving reviews. Sometimes, clients can include details that you wish they hadn’t, or you may simply decide that you do not wish to receive feedback at all.

Whether you allow reviews or not is completely up to you. You may decide to allow them for a little while to see how you manage and build up your client database. Many clients like to look at the reviews to see whether you are the escort for them, and so allowing reviews can be incredibly useful.

Opting out means that you will not be able to win the Escort of the Month award, which is given to the escort with the most positive reviews each month. However, it also means that you will not receive reviews at all. This can be very helpful if you are hoping to offer a more discreet service to your clients.

Why your escort profile is important

Clients do not make decisions about which escort they want to visit based on pictures alone. They like to get as much information as possible to help them out, which is why using the tips above to make the best escort profile you can is essential. Your escort profile is the first thing that clients will visit, and you want to make sure they know exactly what you are like before they book.

This can help to make sure the clients you meet are suitable for you, and that you are going to get along. It can also help to weed out time wasters, as they may not read your profile thoroughly. When booking, they might ask about things listed in your escort profile, which will highlight to you that they have not read it. This can be incredibly useful.

What do you think the most important part of an escort profile is? Are your pictures the main focus, or do your vital statistics and reviews hold more weight?

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