5 Positions Perfect For A Passionate Quickie

It would be amazing if you always had the time to dedicate to sex. Unfortunately most of us are pushed for time. We don’t have the hours to spend in the bedroom with our partner, especially when we have work, family, and friends to deal with as well. Sometimes a passionate fuck isn’t going to happen, and you instead have to go for a quickie.

5 Positions Perfect For A Passionate Quickie

Quickies are great, because the sex is hard, fast, and incredibly passionate. It is the kind of sex you’d see in the movies, when the couple just can’t keep their hands off of each other and need sex fast. If you are hoping to enjoy this kind of passionate sex, here are some positions you can try for it.

1. The missing party guests

This position goes by a number of different names, such as the iron chef position, but you’ll get why it is given these names from the image below. This is the position perfect for you and your partner to slip away from the crowds and head to a bathroom or a kitchen, hop up on the counter, and fuck.

It is great for your quickie because it is made for fast fucks. You can shimmy out of the clothing you need to get rid of and then go at it. It’ll feel kinky for you both because you aren’t in the bedroom, and you haven’t even gotten naked. It feels rushed and incredibly hot.

Hopping onto a counter for sex can feel really hot
Original source: Cosmopolitan

2. The hot seat

If you are hoping to find a position with rear entry, this is the one for you. Best of all, while the image below shows the couple on a bed, you can easily try this out on a chair. The giver will sit down while their partner sits in their lap, facing away from them them.

It’s perfect because it feels different, and the change in angle might just be what you need to get off quickly. Plus, you can reach around to stroke your partner’s body. It also puts your partner in control of the angle, depth, and speed of the fuck.

A sexy twist on seated sex
Original source: Kinkly

3. Stairway to heaven

I don’t know about you, but when I want a quickie, going upstairs to the bedroom is too much. It is time wasted when we could just get down to business somewhere else with the right position. This is why the stairway to heaven position works so well, and it is a great modification on doggy.

The receiver will kneel on the stairs, using the stairs to stabilise themselves. The giver will then enter them from behind. It is thrilling because you are having sex on the stairs and not in a bed. You’ll love having doggy sex in this position.

Eager for doggy but in a rush? Go for it on the stairs instead
Original source: Bad Girls Bible

4. Quickie fix

It would be difficult to write about the best positions for your quickies and not include this position, given its name. As you can see, this is ideal for your quickie, no matter where you are. Your partner can simply bend over while you take them from behind.

You can do this anywhere you want (within reason, of course) which is why it is such a great position for that fast fuck. Not entirely confident in your ability to hold yourself or your partner up? You can always have furniture nearby to grab onto.

If you can't be bothered with chairs or stairs, bend them over!
Original source: Women’s Health Magazine

5. Standing missionary

Standing sex is the dream when it comes to quickies. Okay, so being able to lift your partner up and place them against the wall, as the main image for the blog shows, might seem great. The problem is that most people don’t have the strength to do this for a length of time.

So why not try standing missionary instead? It’s simple, the receiver will stand and lift one leg around their partner. The giver will then slip inside of them. Okay, it can be difficult to get the thrusting right, but a wall behind you for stability will really make a difference.

The position might seem simply but it adds a great challenge
Original source: Ask Men

Having an amazing quickie

It just isn’t possible to make time for sex constantly. Sometimes you can, while other times you just have to go for a quick fuck instead. Quickies can still be incredibly passionate, especially if you try one of the positions I have suggested above.

You’ll find that these positions work even better if you tease each other in the lead up to it. You can send some sexts to get them in the mood, and by the time you meet up you’ll both be ready to fuck. Got a favourite position from the suggestions? Let us know which you love in the comments.

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