A Threesome – Do Women Prefer MMF or MFF?

Hi, ladies. Have you ever been asked by your partners if you would do threesome with them depending on who else would get involved?

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A threesome always seems to be a deal break in a relationship, doesn’t it? It could make you enter a world of sexual paradise, or it could make you curl into a ball and feel insecure about your partner and yourself.

It’s a tough call, women.

Threesome Anecdotes

From my past experiences; I got involved in an MMF threesome almost an MFF session, where both didn’t turn out so well in the end.

I was hanging around with a group of guys who loved drinking copious amounts of beer and listening to heavy metal; yes, I’m a rocker. I was seeing one guy in the group beforehand, but there was another dude who always got a high libido after a few shots of Sambuca, and he used to blurt out that he turns into a horny motherfucker when he’s drunk.

If you could imagine what that night was like, we all got a little frisky with each other. I have to let you know that they were both straight, so all the attention was on me. The threesome ended up with me giving the guy I was seeing a blowjob and the drunk dude eating me out. I couldn’t help but laugh because every time the two men saw each other’s dicks, they go as limp as dead fishes.

I’ve almost had an MFF threesome, but it was weird how it all turned out. If any readers don’t know by now, I love both men and women and the different methods they have in making me cum.

I was in a rowdy pub one night where I was hanging out with my friend who came from Deutschland. She was beautiful, definitely my kind of girl. Red hair, big eyes, soft lips. Perfect! By the way, her tits were massive. They were the size of netballs, that’s how big they were!

I invited a guy who I’ve dated to join us. Mind you, I wasn’t in an official relationship with him as we were starting to know each other. We all got a little bit tipsy and started talking about our sex lives. Some of my mates were quite surprised on my past activities as they never knew how experimental I am in the bedroom. Especially the guy…which was quite surprising due to the variety of positions we’ve placed ourselves in on the bed!

Like the horny animals that we were, we started to make out with each other like there was no tomorrow. We both enjoyed taking turns; it definitely got my pants wet. Then the guy suggested that we all go back to my place and continue our sexual adventures in my bedroom. It wouldn’t have turned out well since I only had a single bed at the time!

However, my German friend didn’t appear to be interested in the idea, even though we were all making out with each other. Actually, she was more interested in taking ME back to HER place and fucking me with her vibrator! Unfortunately, with the amount of whiskey that was in her system, she failed to keep her stance and waddled back home, and I stayed up until 4 am while the guy kept making me orgasm!

I wanted to have that MFF threesome. Not because I swing both ways, but it feels nice to have the roughness of a man and the sensuality of a woman at the same time. Plus, you can do more stuff in bed than just getting penetrated, and you wouldn’t have to get annoyed when the guy cums before you do as you’d still be getting it on with the other lady!

What does the rest of the female population think?

I’ve asked a variety of women whether they would enjoy having a menage-a-trois, and most of them said they wouldn’t like to take part in one. But if they had to choose, they would have opted for MMF rather than MFF.

As a female, I can understand why the girls said that. I can’t say that I relate to other women’s feelings because I just love sex overall. Normally, women would decline a threesome with another girl for two reasons. One, they’re heterosexual and they don’t get turned when they have a pussy right in front of their faces. Two, they can get insecure at the sight of another lady pleasuring their men and start to get paranoid that they would leave their current girlfriend for the third wheel.

I think men forget that people with an XX chromosome aren’t as complicated as we may seem, even though we can’t decide on what pair of shoes to buy or whether our dresses make us look fat. Then again, it depends on the character and her opinions. Some women are happy to try out something fun and fruity in the bedroom, but there are others who feel so connected to their partners that they don’t want anyone else intervening their sex lives.

Side note: if someone offers me the chance to get involved in an FFF threesome then I would take it!

When it comes to women who are in a relationship, there are certain boundaries that people have to establish. Some girls would even state that their boyfriends are not allowed to penetrate the other woman, or even finger her!

It’s not what happens during the threesome that makes girls worried about themselves and their partners, it’s what happens after. There have been many cases that guys suddenly feel that they prefer to have sex with the third person and leave their current relationship. Women can start to feel apprehensive and ask questions like:

“Do you think her tits look better than mine?”

“Does she have a tighter pussy than mine?”

“Do you like her body over mine?”

It’s a feeling that all ladies hate – I’ve been there!

That is why that they would rather have an MMF threesome than an MFF, where they wouldn’t have to worry if their boyfriends would start losing interest over them. Furthermore, most girls prefer the thought of two guys pleasuring them. Think about it ladies, wouldn’t it make your pants wet when you imagine Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth sliding their hands all over your body underneath the sheets? Then again, it depends on the woman.

If it’s MMF or MFF, don’t feel pressured

There is a debate that is still being discussed today whether sex and love are the same. My opinion is that they’re not. Love is an emotional feeling that can mean many different things to other people whereas sex is a primitive activity that we do every day; even masturbation. Yet you enjoy sex more when you do it with the person you love, so you can see how the line between love and sex becomes blurry.

No matter what gets your pussy tingling, you shouldn’t feel coerced to get involved in any kind of threesome even if your boyfriend or a guy you’re seeing persuades you to. If you don’t feel comfortable in having one, then you don’t have to do it. If a guy really likes you, he wouldn’t keep pressuring you into having one, otherwise he is an asshole.

For girls who do want to get involved, talk about it with your partners or your spontaneous friends if you’re single. Let them know what you want out of a threesome, but be prepared for any changes in a relationship would develop in the future. That’s my only advice.

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2 thoughts on “A Threesome – Do Women Prefer MMF or MFF?”

  1. I don’t understand the question? As in why point it towards women? Why not make it open to both sexes?

    In my experience (which is quite vast being an ex swinger), most people involved in 3sums tend to be in either a casual relationship or buddy situation when this happens, Of course , your sexual preference is going to make a difference. If you are heterosexual, why on earth would you want a woman to be involved? Why have half a man when most can only cum the once? It’s not about jealousy, it’s about greed! I want more! Not less lol.

    Where I would agree there is a difference between a male enjoying a 3sum and a woman enjoying a 3sum, I would say that this is due to the fact that most men need some ‘recharge’ time between orgasms, where a women (most of us) can cum and cum and cum and keep cumming until we have no energy left. This is what makes it more fun to have 2 men than 2 women. 2 men means that when the one needs a break, the other one can take over and the whole thing can continue for much longer.

    Would I do this with someone I loved? No, probably not, but that is more to do with seeing how many relationships have suffered when the doubts creep in. I don’t want my man to feel insecure or to be feeling inadequate in the trouser department if the other guy is bigger. Love isn’t something that can be shared. (In my opinion).

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