3 Tips For Your First Watersports Experience

Watersports. It goes by many other names. Piss play, urolagnia, golden shower… there are so many different ways to describe the act of pissing for your partner and making it into an erotic experience.

3 Tips For Your First Watersports Experience

Lately it has been a hot topic of conversation, thanks to #watersportsgate trending on Twitter. People are curious. They want to know more about watersports and just how they can achieve piss bliss.

There are just a few essentials you need to know before you try it. We take you through what piss play is, why people like it, and give you three tips to make sure your first watersports experience is one you will never forget.

What is watersports?

Watersports is a huge fetish, and one that many people love to explore. It involves piss, or someone urinating.

For a lot of people they want to either piss on their partner or be pissed on. However, this isn’t an essential. Sometimes it is erotic to simply watch someone else urinating, but others like to take it further.

Being peed on isn’t enough for them. They want to taste it. They want to see what having pee in their mouth is like. There are so many possibilities when it comes to piss play that you are sure to find a way to enjoy it, no matter what your other fetishes are.

What is water sports?
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Why do people like it?

People love it because it is a taboo. You aren’t supposed to like it. As we all know, humans are curious creatures. If you tell us not to do something, we are more likely to do it. How many times have you seen a “caution: wet paint” sign and touched the paint to see if it really is wet?

It’s the same principal with golden showers. We are told that it is dirty and disgusting and that just makes us want to try it more. We want to rebel and try something so totally naughty just because we are told not to.

It is also incredibly intimate. It is one of the kinkiest things you can do with your partner, and sharing an experience like that is something you will never forget.

For some people, they want it because it is humiliating. They want their partner to humiliate them by pissing on them. They might even make them rub it in to their skin. They could even tell them to swallow all of their dirty piss because they are a disgusting human being.

People want to try watersports for a number of different reasons. If you and your partner have decided that you want to try it, here are some tips for you to make sure you have a great time.

Water sports is a huge turn on for many people
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1. Bathroom is better than bedroom

When you think of kinky fetish sex acts, you might think of the comfort of a bedroom. If you are playing with piss then we shouldn’t need to tell you that the bedroom is a bad idea for your first time.

Instead, take yourself into the bathroom. If you want your partner to piss on you, you can simply lie down in the bath or stand in the shower and let them do it.

It will be much easier to clean up. This might seem like a small thing but it can really take a load off of your mind during the act. Instead of worrying about the mess, you can just concentrate on enjoying it.

Some people still choose to try it in the bedroom though. If you do, make sure you have plenty of towels ready. You’ll need a lot of towels to soak it all up, and you’ll need to act fast to stop it getting into the mattress. For your first time though, stick to the bathroom.

The bathroom is the best place to enjoy piss play
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2. Find the perfect position

Positioning is very important when it comes to piss play. One of the favourite positions is the golden shower. This involves the person who is going to be pissed on kneeling down in front of their partner, waiting to accept their piss.

However, you can also try a number of other positions for this. If you just want to feel piss all over your body, try simply having sex in the usual position. Then when the time is right, ask your partner to piss on you. It works even better if they are on top of you, as then the piss will collect on your body.

Decided you want to swallow their pee? Get on your knees. It can be difficult to aim in the right way to get your piss in their mouth, so this might take some practice. Think of it a lot like a facial but with piss.

A woman crawls on all fours, ready to accept an offer of piss
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3. Be open to the possibilities

Because watersports can be enjoyed in a number of different ways it is important to open your mind to the different possibilities before you. You might simply be curious about how the warm pee feels on your body, but you might then discover that you want to take it further after your first time.

You might want your partner to humiliate you. This involves pissing on you and usually using degrading language. They will treat you like a urinal and you will love every second of it.

However, piss play doesn’t have to be humiliating. Instead it can be intimate, something done between close lovers. Ask your partner how they feel about it. They might want to see if you can handle the taste of their pee. It is well worth experimenting to have a fantastic time together!

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Share your tips

Piss play isn’t for everyone. You might find the idea of a golden shower to be disgusting. It isn’t for everyone, just like anal, foot fetish, and pegging aren’t for everyone.

It is a fetish like any other, so it is important you talk to your partner first about why you want to try it. They might have previous experience that can help a lot, and by talking about your reason for exploring it you can create the ultimate experience.

How do you feel about golden showers? Is it something you want to try or would you rather skip it completely? Maybe you have a few tips you are desperate to share? Let us know your hottest tips by leaving a comment in the box below or by heading over to the Escort Ireland forum. You can also vote in the poll below to let us know if you would ever try watersports.

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