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A TS escort or a transsexual escort is someone who identifies as the opposite gender to that they were born, such as a man who believes that they are a woman. In the world of escorting you will usually find the majority identify as women and are undergoing treatment to change their body from that of a man's to make it more feminine. The term transsexual covers a whole range of stages of treatment, to beginning to take the hormones to having surgery to change the genitals, meaning whatever you desire you will find the right TS escort for you.

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All About Transexual Escorts

Sometimes the transexual escorts can be referred to as shemales, as well as other names. Many of them prefer to be called 'she' rather than 'he' when spoken to, as they are women and are going through changes to make their bodies more feminine.

Spending time with a TS escort will lead to a lot of fun! They are very confident in their bodies and their ability to make you happy and they are sure to have you smiling, no matter what you choose to do with your time together. This means you can have a perfect date with a transexual escort.

You could enjoy a delicious dinner date at a local restaurant with your transexual escort. You could also take a day getting to know each other by going shopping, or even just have a half hour to spend together in the comfort of their own apartment. Whatever you want, a transexual escort is a perfect companion.

Best of Both Worlds

With TS escorts you get the best of both worlds. You get the opportunity to spend time with a confident and beautiful woman who understands and loves their body. Their unique perspective on life can certainly help you in the more challenging times, so call a TS escort now and see what fun you can have together.

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