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Female Escort
Location: Dublin
Incall or Outcall: Incall
Time / Date: 1pm / 28/12/06
Duration: 30 Minutes
Cost: € 150
Review: Shakira is a very energetic lady - she'll undress you, push you against the wall, kiss u all over, throw u on the bed, tie your hands together, go down on you, stick her finger up your arse......(Thats as far as I got before shooting my load!!!) ..but there is lots more from Shakira if you can last the pace. Recommended escort. However the location is not great, No safe parking nearby & I had to wait at apartment gates for her to come down and let me in.!! Also her gaff seems to be shared with others - I met a girl and guy (who didn't seem to be a punter) - so that was a bit off putting. If Shakira had a place (e.g. like Laiza's) then it would be ideal & I'd be inclined to visit her more often. She's Italian/Brazilian with a Brazilian!! - Oh and I did get to get my nose in her brazilian before she raped sexy when she lay back on bed with her legs up wearing only gold high heels....mmm making me hard again just thinking about it !!! One of the nicest pussies i've seen or tasted for a long time.....
Favourites Enjoyed: Oral, French Kissing, Lap Dancing, Reverse Oral, Rimming, Tea Bagging
Accuracy of Photos: Very Happy
Incall Location: Fairly Unhappy
Physical Appearance: Very Attractive
Service Provided: Fairly Happy
Value for Money: Fairly Happy
Overall Satisfaction Fairly Happy
Would You Recommend? Yes
Would You See Again?: Yes

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