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Escort(s): Beautiful Reyna


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Female Escort
Location: Kerry
Incall or Outcall: Incall
Time / Date: 3am / 10/02/13
Duration: 1 Hour
Cost: € 200
Review: Wouldnt be a regular for visiting escorts not sure i will be in the future.
But this girl is the real deal,great expeirence.
If i am goin to visit again it would be her.
Actually went back again the following nite.

Your fabulous C, xxx
maybe she can intise me, to visit again ??
(you have my number)

****first review since registering****
Accuracy of Photos: Very Happy View Thumbnail
Incall Location: Very Happy
Physical Appearance: Very Attractive
Service Provided: Very Happy
Value for Money: Very Happy
Overall Satisfaction Very Happy
Would You Recommend? Yes
Would You See Again?: Yes

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