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Female Escort
Location: Belfast
Incall or Outcall: Incall
Time / Date: 3pm / 07/12/12
Duration: 1 Hour
Review: Just how many number 1 ladies are you allowed to have? Porsha joins my elite list as she is among the best of the best.

The booking was easily arranged through pm, text and call and we met at 3:15pm.
When Porsha greeted me she was simply immaculate – dress, hair, make-up – and the welcome was like meeting a friend, which I hope we are now.

I demand that she change her name to the Great Gorgeous Porsha. Glamorous, Giggly, Gentle (some of the time!), Great in every way.

The time passed all too quickly as we had lots of fun. The second outfit Porsha wore was smoking hot just like the sexy lady who was wearing it, and some new experiences for me today – WOW!

As I left I wasn’t, as the song says, ‘walking on broken glass’ (private joke) but walking on air.

A perfect date with a perfect lady.

Thanks Porsha and don’t forget next time it has to be King Size! :-) (sorry - another private joke).

What an early Christmas present I enjoyed today. Guys – go and treat yourself, you sure won’t be disappointed.

Thank you again my Gorgeous Porsha. Take care until next time which hopefully will be longer.

Hugs and kisses xxx

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Comment by Escort on 11/12/12: Hello my darling :)
Thank you for really lovely time :) and my Christmas gift ,i really like it ,and yes it was like in song lol
:) kisesss to you
Accuracy of Photos: Very Happy View Thumbnail
Incall Location: Very Happy
Physical Appearance: Very Attractive
Service Provided: Very Happy
Value for Money: Very Happy
Overall Satisfaction Very Happy
Would You Recommend? Yes
Would You See Again?: Yes

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