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Female Escort
Location: Dublin
Incall or Outcall: Incall
Time / Date: 1pm / 04/11/11
Duration: 30 Minutes
Cost: € 60
Review: Booked Angelina for a massage as I didnt have much time or money available.
She is a sexy lady, lots of kissing from the start.
Was tempted to go for more which she made clear was on offer, but stuck with the the massage.
I told Angelina how i liked it and she responded perfectly.
Dressed me in a pair of silky tights (pantyhose to some) which was a very sexy feeling across my nether regions !!!
Very nice face-down massage with probing fingers. Turned me over then and ripped open the nylon to give Mr P a massage (prostate),
So no wonder i was fairly quickly shooting a hot load onto Angelina's skilled hand and all over the shiny nylon.....
The whole experience was enjoyable and brought me back to the early punting days when massage was all that was available....with happy ending of course!!!

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Favourites Enjoyed: Fetishes, French Kissing, Massage, Role Play, Spanking
Accuracy of Photos: Fairly Happy View Thumbnail
Incall Location: Very Happy
Physical Appearance: Fairly Attractive
Service Provided: Very Happy
Value for Money: Very Happy
Overall Satisfaction Very Happy
Would You Recommend? Yes
Would You See Again?: Maybe

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