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County Tyrone is one of the six counties that makes up Northern Ireland, and it sits on the south west shore of the Lough Neagh. It is a part of the province of Ulster and has a rich history. It is the largest county in Northern Ireland, and as it borders the largest lake in Northern Ireland it has become a very popular destination for many to visit. You will find no shortage of amazing places to visit and explore in the area, and there are no better companions for this than the County Tyrone escorts.

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Things to see and do in County Tyrone

The Beaghmore Stone Circles are sometimes described by the locals as Tyrone's Stonehenge and you can see why. Like Stonehenge, the reason for their appearance is unknown, and the site dates back to the Bronze Age. It could have been used for social gatherings or perhaps as part of a religious ceremony, but the fact we are still in the dark about them brings many visitors to the area, wanting to find out more. It is a truly magical place to visit and you will find yourself spending hours trying to figure out why they are here.

The town of Omagh is a particularly popular place to visit, especially the number of hotels and inns in the area to stay in. They each make the perfect destination for your romantic escape with an escort in County Tyrone, so take your time looking around to find the right place for you. There is Asbourne Heights, offering visitors a delicious bed and breakfast, as well as the Silverbirch Hotel which boasts free parking to all. Look around County Tyrone and you are sure to find a great place to stay.

If you want to get to know the more beautiful and natural side of County Tyrone, you should look no further than the Parkanaur Forest Park. Here you will find Fallow Deer walking around the park, and as you can walk among them you will find it to be a piece of nature untouched by the busy cities. The Manor House there is often used as a destination for weddings, and given the stunning surroundings it isn't hard to understand why. Why not take along a camera and see if you can snap the deer as they run free in the park?

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