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Female Escort
Location: Dublin
Incall or Outcall: Incall
Time / Date: 1pm / 14/03/11
Duration: 30 Minutes
Cost: € 100
Review: Denise kindly offered to meet me while she was visiting D9 for the day - thanks again babe.
I had been chatting/PM'ing Denise for a while so when the opportunity arose i jumped at it.
Denise is a gorgeous, petite lady who will give u all her attention. Def not a clockwatcher either.
Won't go into too much detail, but lets say that Denise didnt spare any effort in showing me all the ways she can satisfy a guy...!!
By the time we finished, i just wanted to stay another hour , but just to sleep - i was exhausted.Unfortunately Denise had a photo shoot later so reluctantly i left....Glad to see the new photos turned out really great Denise.
Highly recommended escort and well worth a visit.

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Accuracy of Photos: Very Happy View Thumbnail
Incall Location: Very Happy
Physical Appearance: Very Attractive
Service Provided: Very Happy
Value for Money: Very Happy
Overall Satisfaction Very Happy
Would You Recommend? Yes
Would You See Again?: Yes

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