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Sligo is a county located in Ireland. Situated in the Border region, and part of the province of Connacht, the area is regarded as one of the earliest settlements in the history of Ireland. Nowadays the Sligo escorts have made the area their home, much to the benefit of Sligo visitors and locals alike.

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Learning About Sligo

The county is named after the town of Sligo. You will find a number of shopping streets there, with Wine Street, Grattan Street, O' Connell Street, Stephen Street, High Street, Market Street and Castle Street the main ones.

Sligo has a lot of lovely countryside to offer, and there are few better experiences than walking around it with a lovely Sligo escort.

County Sligo has a long association with the music industry. It has bred traditional artists such as James Morrison and Michael Coleman, as well as contemporary musicians such as Westlife and Tabby Callaghan. Music is also a major part of the pub scene, with live bands playing in many.

For those into sport, Sligo Rovers play their football matches at The Showgrounds. Any of the escorts in Sligo would consider this an excellent date, so why not buy a ticket? The atmosphere is most certainly electric.

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