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Limerick is a city in Ireland, located in the Mid-West Region. It lies in the Munster province, and is built on the curves and islands of the River Shannon. It is also built on the ever-growing Limerick escort industry.

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Getting to Know Limerick

It is very easy to get to Limerick, being just a 15 minute drive from Shannon Airport. This gives visitors a wonderful opportunity to visit world famous buildings such as King John's Castle and St Mary's Cathedral.

Limerick is split into different sections. The first part is "English Town" on the southern island of King's Island, "Irish Town" which holds some of the older streets, and the current economic centre in 'Newtown Pery.

The city's main park is known as 'People's Park' which was opened in 1877. The people of Limerick, and it's esteemed visitors are known to love taking a walk around this majestic area, especially with one of the fine escorts in Limerick.

Limerick is one of the few city's to have 'Street Ambassadors.' These people are there to make visitors feel welcome and show them around the city. Though this is all well and good, it would be much better to do this with any of the sexy, sultry Limerick escorts. They can make you feel right at home and do so much more.

As with almost all popular tourist locations, Limerick is blessed with a number of fantastic shopping centre's. The 'Crescent Shopping Centre' and the 'Jetland Shopping Centre' are two of the largest retail areas. With so much choice you are sure to find something that you want there.

If you are a golf fan, there are a number of wonderful courses in this part of the world. The Adare Golf Club and Limerick Golf Club are very popular, but if you are just visiting the Rathbane Golf Course is open to members of the public. A lot of fun could be had with a set of clubs and an escort at your side.

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